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E- Commerce for the Rest of Us  
Date: June-30-2000


A philosophical perspective behind Oiltrash.com, Inc.

June 30, 2000


Historically, information in the petroleum industry has been exchanged the old-fashioned way: by word of mouth. But this is changing, particularly with the growth of the Internet and the emergence of e-commerce.

Personal computers and Internet access have changed the way companies communicate, both in-house and in the field, and are now as indispensable as a pay phone and a pocketful of quarters used to be. The amount of data resources available is staggering, but how do you manage this information? And moreover, how do you find what you really need to know? In today’s business environment, what you don’t know can quickly mean a deal, a sale, or a job opportunity lost.

There are some well-heeled Internet services out there that have used extensive advertising dollars to get their name out, but for the most part they are expensive, cumbersome to use with their required passwords and usernames, and weighed down with advertising banners and multiple frames At Oiltrash.com, we recognized that sometimes you just want to look something up "real quick."

And that’s what we aim to do: give those in the oil and gas industry a resource that’s affordable, easy to use and, most importantly, valuable. Consider us the Model T of information services for the oil industry: simple, basic and reliable.

Oiltrash.com supplies valuable free information, including closing prices for industry stocks; an on-line directory for government, company and individual searches; crude oil price postings; rig counts; a monthly newsletter; and interesting news and stories; plus a joke-of-the-day. Clients can contact us online, or, if they’re not quite computer savvy, we’ll provide needed information over the phone, via fax machine or personal visit if warranted.

Oiltrash.com also provides classified listings for new and used equipment, as well as job postings for both employers and job seekers. Another section offers contractors, consultants, vendors, companies or individuals an inexpensive place to advertise their wares or services. Oiltrash.com’s "On the Road" page will provide those who find themselves in an unfamiliar location with important listings, such as food, lodging, entertainment, and other resources needed to help those get acquainted with an area.

Finally, Oiltrash.com offers low-cost Web pages so that all individuals and companies can afford an Internet presence.

The staff Oiltrash.com has over 100 years of experience in the oil and gas industry combined, ranging from sales and marketing to education, exploration, and operations. Our past successes (as well as failures) will help guide others through this historically volatile industry.

Oh yeah, the name. It’s an old term, one that’s been used by those working in the oil and gas industry for over a century to describe the business. It also shows that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Author: Tab McGinley, President





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