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America Left in Bondage to Foreign Oil Producers  
Date: November-14-2000

Seven months ago the Washington Times began one of its leading editorials with a strong statement: "The Clinton/Gore’s so called energy policy keeps America in foreign bondage." Today our foreign bondage amounts to 11.5 million barrels of imported crude oil and products per day and growing. The 2.2 million barrels per day imported from the Persian Gulf is in danger because of violence in the area. It costs $50 billion of the Pentagon’s yearly budget for our military to protect oil in the gulf, which doesn’t include holes blown in our destroyers.

The oil weapon was used against us in 1973 and it was an economic disaster. Nothing learned from this event, as Congress continued to impose enormous tax burdens on the domestic oil industry, drastically impairing the industry’s ability to generate capital and provide the nation with urgently needed energy supplies. This legislated dependency on foreign oil from unstable areas that need to be protected by our military has caused mourning and grief for many families.

In view of the chaos in the Persian Gulf, there is no oil supply stability in our future, which means trouble. We need to condemn those members of Congress and presidential administrators who for political reasons are the real culprits in forcing our nation into bondage to foreign countries that have been fighting each other for 2,000 years.

Reprinted with permission by Joseph J C Paine for Rocky Mountain News Commentary



Author: Joseph J C Paine





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