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Oiltrash.com's Mergers and Acquisitions
Old Name New Name Merger Date Comments
HNG Oil Co. 1953 HNG formed by its parent Houston Natural Gas
Reading & Bates 1926 Founded as sub of Helmerich & Payne
Nortex Gas & Oil 1980 created by Northern Natural Gas of Omaha
Lasmo 1971 founded
Gulf Midstream Services 1998 founded by Gulf Canada Resources Limited
Gulf Indonesia Resources Ltd. 1997 founded by Gulf Canada Resources Limited
Houston Natural Gas Production Company 1953 created by its parent Houston Natural Gas
Williams Brothers 1908 Founded
Helmerich & Payne 1920 Founded
Vastar Resources, Inc. 1994 formed by Arco from public offering
Petrovera Resources 1999 founded by Gulf Canada Energy Ltd and PanCanadian Petroleum
British-American Oil Company Limited 1906 chartered to business in Ontario
O'Brien Energy Resources Corp
1400 Corp. Conquest Exploration Company
15 Oil Co. Tenneco Inc. 1960
177293 Canada Ltd. Petro-Canada
3300 Corp. Conquest Exploration Company
A&J Oil Company Thomas, Nelson R.
A&K Petroleum Co. Kerr-McGee Corp. 1957
AA Development Corporation AA Energy Corporation
AA Minerals Corporation Supron Energy Corporation
Abaca Oil Company Mapco, Inc. 1963
Abbeville Operating Corp. Bintliff, DC
Abel & Bancroft Bakke
Abercrombie Harrison
Aberdeen Oil & Gas Corporation Aberdeen Petroleum Corporation
Aberdeen Petroleum Corp Adobe Oil & Gas Corp. 1975 Partial
Aberdeen Petroleum Corp. Adobe Royalty Inc. Partial
Abingdon Resources Ltd. Abingdon Exploration Ltd.
Abney Oil Co. P&O Falco, Inc.
Acadi Energy Company Oxoco, Inc.
Acadian Gas GP Tejas Gas
Acadian Geophysical Services Petroleum Geo-Services ASA 1998 Merger
Acrol Oil Co. James Donaghue
Ada Resources Corp. Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. 1979
Addington Brothers Mining Co. Ashland Oil, Inc.
ADM Chemical Group Ashland Chemical 1967
Adobe Acquisition Corp. High Plains Oil Corporation
Adobe Oil and Gas Corp. Adobe Royalty, Inc.
Adobe Resources Corporation Santa Fe Energy Resources, Inc. 5/19/92 merger
Adobe Royalty, Inc. Santa Fe Resources Inc. 1/21/94 merger
Aetna Oil Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1949 Merger
AETNA Oil Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Company
AH Petroleum (subsidiary of Alta Energy Corporatio Devon Energy Operating Corporation 5/18/94 merger
Aikman Oil Corp. Aikman Brothers, Inc.
Alagasco Energy Company, Inc. Taurus Exploration, Inc.
Alamo Petroleum Co. Amax Petroleum Corp.
Alamo Petroleum, Inc. Equitable Petroleum Corp.
Alaska Interstate Company Union Texas Petroleum
Alaska Pipeline Company (sub of Ocean Energy) Semco Energy, Inc. 1999
Albantu Oil & Gas Corporation Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc.
Alco Oil & Gas Corp. Ladd Petroleum Corp.
Alder Oil Company Esco, Inc.
ALF Energy Companies Alf Corporation (USA)
Alf Oil Company Alf Energy Companies
Alfonso Production Company Cash Reserve Investments, Ltd.
Algonquin Energy, Inc. (parent of Algonquin Gas T Texas Eastern 1988 Acquisition
Allegro Petroleum, Inc. North Star Resources, Ltd.
Allen Oil Company Ladd Petroleum Corp.
Allen Oil Tools, Inc. Kencope Energy Co.
Alliance Exploraton Corporation South Hampton Mineral Corp.
Allied Ashland Ashland Oil, Inc.
Allied Chemical Corporation Union Texas Natural Gas Corp.
Allied Materials Corp Entex Petroleum, Inc.
Allied Oil Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1948 Merger
Alminex, Ltd. Mobil Oil Corporation
Alminex, Ltd. Canadian Superior
Alpha Energy Corp. None Liquidated
Alpine Oil Services Corp. Weatherford International, Inc. 2000
Alta Energy Corporation Devon Energy Operating Corporation 5/18/94 merger
Altair Oil & Gas Co. Mesa Petroleum Co. 1964
Alterio Resources Ltd. Paragon Petroleum Corp.
Altex Energy Corp. Altex Industries
Altex Resources Ltd Canadian Forest Oil Ltd
Altura Energy Occidental Petroleum Corporation 2000
Aluminum Co. of America ALCOA, Inc.
Amalgamated Bonanza Petroleum Gulf Oil Corp. 1979
Amarex, Inc. Temex Energy, Inc. (Templeton Energy)
Amarillo Minerals, Inc. Pioneer Nuclear, Inc.
Amarillo Oil Co. Pioneer Production Corp.
Amax Petroleum Corp. CRA, Inc.
Amax Petroleum Corporation Britoil Ventures Inc. major acquisition. LA, MS and AL properties were excluded from sale
Ambassador Oil Anadarko Production Co. 1965
Ambassador Petroleum Corp. Anadarko Production Co.
Amcan Oil Corp. Lario Oil & Gas Co. 1952
AMCAN Oil Corp. Aminoil USA, Inc.
Amerada Corp. Amerada Petroleum Corp.
Amerada Hess Canada Ltd Petro-Canada
Amerada Petroleum Corp. Amerada Hess Corp. 1969
American Cometra Aveneg Inc.
American Exploration Drilling Pinto, Joseph
American Independent Oil Co. Aminoil USA Inc. 1970
American Liberty Oil Co. American Petrofina, Inc. 1957
American Maracaibo Co. Felmont Oil Corp. 1958
American Metal Climax, Inc., a NY Corporation Amax Petroleum Corporation 11/30/67
American Metal Co. Ltd. American Metal Climax Inc.
American Natural Gas Production ANR Production Co.
American Natural Resources Company The Coastal Corporation 1985 Merger
American Oil Co. of Texas Mobil Oil Corp. 1952
American Oil Company Standard Oil Co. of Indiana (Amoco) 1961
American Oil Company Standard Oil (Indiana) 1923
American Pacific International Corp. Petro-Lewis Corp.
American Petrofina, Inc. Fina Oil and Chemical Company
American Potash & Chemical Corp Kerr-McGee Corporation 1967 Acquisition
American Public Energy Company Amquest Corp.
American Quasar Petroleum Co. of NM Wolverine Exploration Company
American Republic Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO) 1954
American Republic Oil Company Sinclair Oil Company
American Reserve Corp. Conquest Exploration Company
American Royalty Petroleum Company Crescent Oil and Gas Corp.
American Trading & Production Corp. ATAPCO
Ameroil Energy Corp. ALN Resources Corp.
Amini Oil Company Teal Exploration, Ltd.
Aminoil Development Inc. Burmah Oil & Gas Co.
Aminoil USA, Inc. Phillips Petroleum Company
Aminoil, Inc. Phillips Oil Company
Amoco Oil Company Amoco Production Company
Amoco Production Company BP Amoco 2000 Merger
Ampolex Mobil Oil Corporation 1998 Merger
Amtane Inc. Burmah LP-Gas Inc.
Amtexas (Natural Gasoline) Warren American Oil co.
Anaconda Atlantic
Anaconda Gold & Silver Company Anaconda Mining Company
Anaconda Mining Company Atlantic Richfield Company 1977
Anadarko Land & Exploration Company ALECO, Inc.
Anadarko Petroleum of Canada Rigel Energy Corporation
Anadarko Production Company Anadarko Petroleum Corp.
Anderson & Kerr Drilling Co. Kerr-McGee Corporation 1946 Name Change
Anderson-Prichard Allied Chemical (later Union Texas Pet)
Anderson-Prichard Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
Anderson-Prichard Oil Company APCO, Inc.
Andover Oil Co. Santa Fe Andover Oil Company 1982
Anflo, Clar, & Welfeit Indian Royalty Company
Angeles Corp. Saxon Oil Development Partners
Anglo Energy Ltd. Rosewood Resources, Inc.
Anglo Energy, Inc. Nabors Industries, Inc.
Anglo-Persian Oil Company British Petroleum Company
ANR Limited Inc. ANR Production Company
ANR Pipeline Company Coastal Corporation subsidiary
ANR Production Company Coastal Corporation
Anschutz Corp. Inc. Anschutz Oil Co. Inc. 1970
Antares Oil Corporation Oxford Consolidated, Inc.
Apache Corp. Natomas North America Partial
Apache Exploration Corp. Apexco, Inc. 1973
Apache Oil & Gas Corp. Dow Chemical
Apache Petroleum Co., LP Key Production Company, Inc.
APC Operating Partnership Natomas North America Partial
APCO Oil Union Texas (Allied Chemical)
APCO Oil Corp. of Oklahoma City Shenandoah Oil Corp. of Fort Worth
Apexco, Inc. Natomas North America, Inc.
APL Oil & Gas Ltd Beau Canada Exploration Ltd
APX Western Corporation Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Aquitane Elf-Acquitane Petroleum
Arapaho Energy, Inc. Arapaho Petroleum, Incorporated 1/31/92 name change
Arapaho Petroleum Incorporated Intoil, Inc. 1/31/92 merger
Arapaho Pipe Line Cities Service Gas Co. 1979
Arch Mineral Corp. Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1969
ARCO (Coal) Arch Coal 1998 Acquisition
ARCO Exploration Company Atlantic Refining Co.
Argas Inc. Capital Energy Inc.
Argo Oil Corporation Atlantic Refining Company 1961
Argo Petroleum Corp. Chevron USA, Inc.
Argo Royalty Company Argo Oil Corporation
Argosy Energy Inc. Garnet Resources
Ariel Company Axem Resource Incorporated
Arkansas Fuel Corp. Cities Service
Arkoma Production Company Arkla Exploration Co.
Arrowhead Exploration Co. Macpet
Articles of Inc. of Capital Co. Transamerica Dev. Co.
Asamera Inc. Gulf Canada Resources Ltd 1988 acquisition
Ashland Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC 1997 Joint Venture
Ashland Exploration Inc. Tema Oil Co. 1979
Ashland Oil Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC 1998 Merger
Ashland Oil & Refining Ashland Oil, Inc. 1970 Name change
Ashland Oil Canada Kaiser Resources
Ashland Oil Inc. Mesa Petroleum Co. 1979
Ashland Oil, Inc. Ashland Exploration Inc. 1971 Consolidation
Ashland Refining Co. Swiss Oil Corp. 1924
Ashland Refining Company Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1936
Associated Natural Gas Corporation of Denver Panhandle Eastern 1994 Merger
Associated Oil & Gas Co. Associated Programs Inc. 1968
Associated Producers Company Tide Water Oil Company 1932
Atapaz Petroleum, Inc. Wainoco Oil Corp. 1971
Athabasca Company Home Petroleum Corporation
Atlantic Petroleum Storage Company Standard Oil Trust 1874 Sold
Atlantic Refining Company Atlantic Richfield Company 1966
Atlantic Richfield Company ARCO
Atlantic Richfield Company Hondo Oil and Gas Company 1/1/87 assignment of assets
Atlantis Resources Ltd Crestar Energy Inc.
Aurora Gasoline Company Ohio Oil Company
Austin Drilling Company Southland Royalty Company 1978
Austral Oil Co. Superior Oil 1978 partial
Austral Oil Co. American Exploration Co. 1982 partial
Avid Oil & Gas Ltd. Husky Energy Inc.
Avon (subsidiary of Alta Energy Corporation) Devon Energy Operating Corporation 5/18/94 merger
Axem Resources Inc. Westport Oil & Gas Co. Inc. 1997 acquisition of
Axroyalty Company Axem Resources Incorporated
Aztec Oil & Gas Co. Southland Royalty 1976
Aztec Resources Ltd Pursuit Resources Corp
B&B Drilling Exxon Corp. 1965
B-L Associates Wilshire
Baca Petroleum, Ltd. Baca Resources, Ltd.
Bailey, Vinson & Marion Sinclair Oil Corporation
Bakke Abel & Bancroft
Balco Energy Houston Oil Fields
Balcron Oil Company Equitable Resources Energy Company 12/29/98 merger
Baldridge & King Champlin Petroleum Co.
Ballard & Cordell Houston Oil Fields
Ballard Petroleum AEC Oil & Gas (USA) 2001
Ballard Petroleum LLC Alberta Energy Co. Ltd. 2001
Ballistic Energy Corporation Gulf Canada Resources Limited
Bankline Oil Aminoil USA Inc. 1958
BarDon Oil Company Liquidated
Barfield Oil Corp. Evergreen Operating Corp.
Barnsdall Oil Company Amoco W Texas props
Barnsdall Oil Company Sun Co. Inc.
Barrett Energy Company Barrett Resources Corporation
Barrett Resources Corporation The Williams Companies 2001
Baruch-Foster Corp Hadson Energy Resources
Basin Drilling Delaware Corp. 1981
Basin Exploration Stone Energy Corp 2000 merger
Basin Exploration Corp. Reserve Oil Inc. 1976
Basin Petroleum Getty 1980
Basin Petroleum Corp. Reserve Oil Inc 1976
Basis Petroleum, Inc. (sub of Salomon Inc) Valero Energy 1997 acq
Bass Bros. Enterprises, Inc. Bass Enterprises Producing Co.
Bateman Properties Kirby Petroleum Co.
Bates & Cornell Drew Cornell
Battle Creek Developments Ltd Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited
Bay Petroleum Tenneco Inc. 1955
Bayview Petroleum Mobil Corp.
BBM Drilling Company Humble (Exxon)
Beacon Oil Company Ultramar, Inc.
Beacon Resources Corp. Energy Sources Inc.
Bean Pipeline Aracia Pipeline Corp.
Bear Paw Energy Northern Border Partners 2001
Beard Company, the Beard Oil Company
Beardmore Oil, Inc. Phillips Petroleum Company
Beau Canada Exploration Ltd. Murphy Oil Corp. 2000 stock purchase
Beaver Mesa Exploration Company MGF Oil Corporation
Beaver-Mesa Uranium Inc. Beaver-Mesa Uranium Inc. 1955 Merger
Belcher Oil Co. Coastal States 1977
Belco Development Corporation BelNorth Petroleum Corp. 1986 Merger
Belco Development Corporation Enron Oil & Gas Company 1987 consolidation
Belco Petroleum Corp. Internorth Inc. 1983 purchase
Belco Petroleum North America, Inc. Enron Oil & Gas Company 1987 consolidation
Bell Petroleum Co. Sabine Corporation 1975
Bellevue Resources Ltd Elk Point Resources Inc.
BelNorth Energy Corporation Enron Oil & Gas Company 1987 consolidation
BelNorth Petroleum Corporation BelNorth Energy Corporation 1986 Merger
Belridge Oil Co. Shell Oil Co. 1979
Benchmark Oil & Gas Merit Energy 2001 acquisition
Benedum-Trees Oil Co. Kerr-McGee Corp. 1982
Berkley Petroleum Anadarko Petroleum 2001
Berkshire Oil Co. Frankel Oil & Gas Co. 1961
BG Gas Services (USA) British Gas Exploration & Production Co.
Big Bear Exploration Ltd. Avid Oil & Gas Ltd. 2/2000 acquisition
Big Chief Drilling Company Entex Petroleum, Inc.
Big Horn Fractionation Company Western Gas Processors, Ltd.
Big Piney Oil & Gas Company National Energy Group, Inc.
Big West Drilling Alliance Drilling Company
Bishop Oil Co. Shell Oil Co. 1961
BJ Hughes, Inc. Hughes Tool Company
Black Sea Energy Ltd. Ivanhoe Energy Inc. 1999 Merger
Blackbird Co. Axem Resources, Inc. (sub of Blackbird)
Blanco Oil Co. Sohio (Standard Oil Co. of Ohio)
Bloomfield Royalty Corp. Texon Energy Corp.
Blount, SW Bounty Production Co.
Blue Quail Oil Company Silverridge Corp.
Bodcaw Oil Properties Placid Oil Co. 1979
Bodkins Estate, JR Bodkins, JD 1978
Bogert Oil Company LDEC Acquisition Corp. (sub of Bogert)
Bogert, Richard D Bogo Energy Corporation
Boise Southern Company, Inc. Sonat Minerals, Inc. 1984
Bolero Energy Corporation Kaiser-Francis Oil Company 6/30/1989 merger
Bomac Exploration Company WR Grace and Company 1975
Bonanza Oil & Gas Ltd Poco Petroleums Ltd
Bonneville Fuels Corporation Carbon Energy Corporation Nov 1999 acquisition
Bonray energy Company EOG (Oklahoma) Inc.
Boomerang Resources Inc. Startech Energy Inc.
Border Exploration Company Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation
Boswell Corp. Grace Petroleum Corporation
Boswell Energy Corporation Grace Petroleum Corporation
Boundary Oil company Conquest Exploration Company
Bow Valley Energy Ltd Talisman Energy Inc.
Bow Valley Industries Talisman Energy
Bow Valley Industries Ltd Talisman Energy Inc.
BP British Petroleum Company
BP America Canadian Hunter 1992 acquisition of Canadian assets
BP Amoco Canadian Natural Resources 1999 Part Acq Canadian props
BP Amoco Penn West Petroleum Ltd. 1999 Part Acq Canadian props
BP Exploration (Western Hemisphere) TEX/CON Oil & Gas Co. 1990 spinoff
BP Exploration Inc. Tex/Con Oil & Gas Company (sub of BP)
BP Resources Canada Limited Talisman Energy Inc.
Bracell Petroleum Murphy Oil Corp.
Bradco Oil & Gas Co. Nicklos Oil & Gas Co.
Bradford Energy Corp Bradford Corp.
Bradford Petroleum Bradford Energy Corp.
Bradley Production Co. Triton Producing Company
Bradley Resources Corp. Bradley Production Co. 1970
Bradmar Petroleum Corporation Alexander Energy Corporation
Brandywine Oil Atlantic Richfield Company
Brazos Oil & Gas Dow Chemical
Bridewell & Darsey Bill Darsey III
Bridge Oil Company LP Parker & Parsley Development LP 1995 Merger
Bridger Petroleum Corp. Home Petroleum Corp. 1978
Brilliant Minerals Corporation Womac Oil Company
Brinson and Collins United Producing Company
Briscoe Oil Operating Inc. Hat Creek Exploration LLC 2000 45% of stock
Briscoe Oil Operating Inc. Aspen Group Resources Corp. 2000 55% of stock and all operated wells
British American Oil Co. Gulf Oil Corp. 1956
British American Oil Company (Canada) Gulf Oil Canada Limited Jan 1969 amalgamation
British Petroleum Co. Sohio (Standard Oil of Ohio) 1970
British-Borneo Oil & Gas ENI (Italian Conglomerate) 2000
Britoil British Petroleum Company 1988
Brock Exploration Corp. Gillette Royalty Mineral Corp Partial
Brock Exploration Corp. Plaza Petroleum Inc. Partial
Brock Exploration Corporation Key Production Co. 1995
Brookhaven Oil Co. Lear Petroleum Corp. 1979
Brooklyn Union Gas Fuel Resources
Brooks Hall Oil Company Alexander Energy Corp.
Brown, George R Highland Resources Inc.
Brown, RJ Company Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1956 Acquisition
Brunner Engelke
Buckeye Exploration Keystone Exploration, Inc.
Buckhorn Petroleum Co. Harper Oil Co. 1984
Buckhorn Petroleum Company Harper Oil Company
Buffalo Oil Co. Conoco, Inc. 1958
Burdell Properties Mission Resources Partners, LP
Burlington Northern Oil & Gas Milestone Petroleum, Inc.
Burlington Northern Railroad Burlington Northern Inc. 1981
Burmah Oil Co. Aminoil USA Inc. 1976
Burnaby Enterprises, Inc. Unit Corporation
Burner Exploration Ltd Berkley Petroleum Corp
Burns, RL Pyro Energy Corp.
Burton/Hawks, Inc. Hawks Industries, Inc.
Buttes Gas & Oil Co. Buttes Resources Co. 1973
Buttes Resources Co. Petro-Lewis Corp. 1980 Partial WY props
Buttran Texhoma Company Buttran Energies, Inc.
Byrd Oil Corp. Mobil Corp.
C F Braun & Co. Santa Fe Braun Inc.
C&K Petroleum Co. Enstar Petroleum Co. 1985 Merger
Cabot Carbon Company Cabot Corporation
Cachuma Drilling Corporation Dyco Petroleum Corporation
Cal-Merc Enterprises Inc. Western Oil & Mining Inc.
Calahoo Petroleum Ltd. Samson Canada, Ltd. 2000
Calco Inc. Chevron (Standard Oil Co. of Calif.) 1961
Calden Energy Plant Transok
CalEnergy MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company 1999 Merger
Calex Resources Ltd Beau Canada Exploration Ltd
Calgary Petroleum Products Limited Royalite 1925 acquisition
California Oil Company Chevron Oil Company 7/1/1965 Name Change and merger
California Security Plans Burdell Properties
Calpetco Ensource Inc.
Calplans Corporation Burdell Properties
Calplans Oil and Gas Company Burdell Properties
Calplans Partners Burdell Properties
Calplans Resources Resource Partners
Calumet Creek Oil, Ltd Atlantic Refining Company
Calumet Industries, Inc. Heritage Group
Calvert Drilling Bomac Exploration Co.
Calvert Exploration Co. Sun Co. Inc. 1975
Cambrian Corp. Lincoln Rock Corp.
Cambridge Oil & Gas Company Normandy Oil & Gas Co.
Camco International Schlumberger Ltd. 1998 Acq
Camerina Petroleum Corp. Total Petroleum Inc.
Cameron Crude Oil Corp. Western Crude Oil Inc.
Can-Am Liquids Co. Ltd. Home Petroleum Corp. 1973
Canada Northwest Energy Barrington Petroleum (via Sherritt Inc.) Canadian props
Canada Northwest Energy Sherritt International Mediterranean props
Canadian Export Oil & Gas Pacer Development
Canadian Forest Oil Ltd. Forest Oil Company 1996 acquisition
Canadian Futurity Oils, Ltd. Baca Resources, Ltd.
Canadian Gulf Oil British-American Oil Company 1956 acquisition
Canadian Homestead Gas Company Inter-City Gas
Canadian Industrial Gas & Oil Norcen Energy Resources
Canadian Kirby Petroleum Ltd Kirby Oil & Gas Co.
Canadian Merrill Francana Oil
Canadian Northcor Energy Inc. Purcell Energy Ltd
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd Nexen Inc. 2001 name change
Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas Company Central Del-Rio 1969
Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas Company PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. 1971
Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas Company 1958
Canadian Reserve Texaco USA, Inc.
Canadian Roxy Petroleum Ltd Numac Energy Inc.
Canadian Superior Oil Company Mobil Oil Corp. 1981
Canor Energy Celsius Energy Resources 2000 Acquisition
Canor Energy Ltd Southlake Energy Ltd
Cansearch Resources Ltd Husky Oil Operations Ltd
Canterra Energy Polysar Energy
Canyon Pipeline Corp. Union Texas Petroleum
Capital Reserve Corporation Capital Energy Corporation abt 1977 name change
Capitalistic, Inc. Fossil Bay Holding Co.
Capitan, Inc. E.E. Nearburg
Cardinal Oil Company Helmerich & Payne 1944
Cardinal Petroleum Co. Phillips Petroleum Co.
Carl Oil & Gas McFarland Energy, Inc. (sub of Carl)
Carl Oil Co. Carl Oil & Gas
Carlile & Howell, Inc. Sonat, Inc.
Carolina Oil & Gas Graham Exploration Corp.
Carper Drilling Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Carson Petroleum Corporation Devon Energy Corporation
Carter Oil Co. Humble Oil & Refining Co. 1960 Merger
Cascade Union Oil Co. of California (Union Cal)
Cascade & Davidson Pure Oil Company
Case-Pomeroy Oil Corp. Felmont Oil Corp. 1952
Caspian Energy International, Inc. Puma Energy, Inc. 1999 Merger
Castle Mud & Chemical Company Matrix Energy, Inc.
Castulon Royalty, Inc. Roxana Resources, Ltd.
Cavenham Forest Industries Inc. Cavenham Energy Resources Inc.
CB Goddard Investment Company Goddard Investment Company
Celsius Energy Company Questar Exploration & Production Company 1999 Merger
Cenard Oil & Gas Company Chevron USA, Inc.
Cenaro Oil & Gas Gulf Oil Corp.
Cenergy Exploration Conquest Exploration Co.
Cenergy International Conquest Exploration Co.
Cenergy Midwest Co. Conquest Exploration Co.
Cenergy Transmission Conquest Exploration Co.
Centex Oil & Gas, Inc. Cenergy Exploration Co.
Central Del-Rio PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. 1971
Centura Energy Minden Oil & Gas Inc.
Century Oil & Gas Corp. Eagle Exploration Co.
Chalaco, Ltd. Axem Resources (sub of Chalaco)
Chambers & Kennedy Enstar Petroleum Corp.
Chambers, Jerry Exploration Co. Axem Resources, Inc.
Champlin Oil & Gas Corp. Champlin Petroleum Co.
Champlin Oil & Refining Champlin Petroleum Co. 1964 Partial
Champlin Oil & Refining Union Pacific Railroad Company 1964 Partial
Champlin Petroleum Co. Union Pacific Resources Company 1987
Champlin Refinery Company Champlin Oil & Refining Corp.
Chancellor Energy Resources Inc. Pinnacle Resources Ltd
Chandler & Associates, Inc. Chandler & Associates, LLC 7/22/98 merger
Chandler Company Shenandoah Energy Inc.
Chanslor Western Santa Fe Energy
Chapman Energy, Inc. Coda Energy, Inc.
Chapman Resources Corp Chapman Energy, Inc.
Charter Exploration & Production Crystal Oil
Charter Gas Resources Crystal Gas Resources 1977
Chauvco Resources Ltd Pioneer Natural Resources Canada Inc.
Cherokee Resources, Inc. Adobe Resources, Inc. (sub of Cherokee)
Cherokee Utah Uranium Beaver-Mesa Uranium Inc. 1955 Merger
Cherryville Corp. TIPCO (Texas International Petroleum Corp.
Chessie Resources, Inc. CSX Resources
Chevron Arguello Inc. (wholly owned sub of Plains Resource 1999 Acq of Coastal CA props
chevron Shell Oil Company 1997 Merger
Chevron Chevron Texaco 2000 merger
Chevron Oil Company Chevron USA Inc. 12/16/1976 merger and name change
Chevron USA Inc. Shenandoah Energy Inc. 1999 Partial sale of UT props - Uintah and Duchesne counties
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co. Burlington Northern Inc. 1970
Chicago Corp. Champlin Petroleum Co. 1954
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Co. Chicago Pacific Eorp. 1984
Chieftain Petroleum, Inc. Entex Petroleum, Inc.
Chinook Pipeline, Inc. Nucorp Energy, Inc.
Chinook Resources, Inc. Nucorp Energy, Inc.
Chipola Terrapet Energy Corporation 1982
Choate, Jack H. Inc. Ray Resources Corporation
Chorney Oil Co. Key Production Co. 10/1/1993 sale
Chorney, Joan Key Production Co. 10/1/93 sale
Chorney, Raymond Key Production Co. 10/1/93
Christie, Mitchell & Mitchell Mitchell Energy Corporation
Christie, Mitchell & Mitchell George Mitchell & Associates, Inc., (sub of Mitch 1962
Christie, Mitchell & Mitchell Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.
Cimarron (subsidiary of Alta Energy Corporation) Devon Energy Operating Corporation 5/18/94 merger
Cimarron Petroleum Ltd Newport Petroleum Corporation
Circle A Drilling The Anschutz Corporation, Inc. name change
Citco Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp.
Citgo Petroleum Corp. Southland Corp. (sub of Citgo)
Cities Service Company Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp.
Cities Service Gas Company Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp.
Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp. Oxy USA Inc.
Cities Service Oil Co. Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp. 1983
Cities Service Petroleum Co. Cities Service Oil Co. 1961 Cert of Amendment
Cities Service Pipeline Company Southland Corporation
Cities Service Refining Co. Cities Service Oil Co. 1963 Cert of Amendment
Citrus County Land Bureau Weco Development Corp. (sub of Citrus)
CJ Wrightsman WA Moncrief
CL McMahon Inc. Forest Oil Company
Clarinet Resources Ltd Symmetry Resources Inc.
Clark Oil & Refining Apex Oil Co.
Cleary Petroleum Corp. Grace Petroleum Corp. 1978
Cleary Petroleum, Inc. Cleary Production, Inc.
Clements Energy, Inc. Nerco Oil & Gas
Clements-Bloomer Resources Clements Energy, Inc.
Climax Molybdenum Co. American Metal Climas Inc.
Climax Uranium American Metals American Metals Climax Inc. 1960 Merger
Clinton Oil Co. Energy Reserves Group 1976
Clinton Oil Company Energy Reserves Group, Inc.
Clyde Petroleum Gulf Canada Resources Limited 1997 acquisition
Clymore Petroleum Corp. Tesoro Petroleum Corp. 1968
CMP Group Energy East 1999 Acq
CMV (Canada) Ltd Ranger Oil Limited
CNG Corporation CNG Producing Company
Co-Energy Rockies, Inc. MCNIC Oil & Gas Properties 1997 merger
Co-Maxx Energy Group Inc. Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited
Coachwood Resources Ltd Crestar Energy Inc.
Coastal Corporation El Paso Energy Corporation 2000 Merger
Coastal Production Co. Florida Exploration Co.
Coastal States Gas Company Sabine Production Co.
Coastal States Gas Producing Company Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation
Coates, Estate of George H. Coates Energy Trust 1981
Cobb, Sam Oil Properties Independent
Cobopco, Inc. Cobb Oil & Gas Company
Cogas Energy Limited Newport Petroleum Corporation
Coil Tubing Services LLC W-H Energy Services Inc. 2001
Coline Gasoline Corp. Santa Fe Energy
Coline Oil Corp. Oil Development Company of Texas 1977
Colorado Interstate Gas Company Coastal Corporation subsidiary
Colorado Oil & Gas Corp. Coastal States 1973
Colorado Oil Co., Inc. Coastal States
Columbia Carbon Co. Cities Service Co.
Columbia Energy Services (sub of Columbia Energy Enron North America Corp. 1999 Acq
Columbia Fuel Company Cities Service Co.
Columbus Energy Corp. Key Production 2000 acquisition
Cometra Energy Vintage Petroleum 2000
Commonwealth Energy Corp. Empire Petroleum Corp. 2001
Compass Exploration Inc. McCulloch Oil Corp of Texas 1966
Concur Petroleum Guaranty Energy
Connecticut Energy Energy East 1999 Acq
Conoco Duke Energy Field Services 2000 Acq - OK nat gas gath & process assets
Conoco, Inc. DuPont 1981 acq
Conoco, Inc. Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation 1998 partial acq Rockies
Conquest Energy Co. American Exploration Company
Consolidated Gas Supply Corp. CNG Producing Co.
Consolidated HCO Energy Ltd Pinnacle Resources Ltd
Consolidated National Gas CNG Corporation
Consolidated Natural Gas Company Dominion Resources 1999 Merger
Consolidated Oil & Gas CNG Corporation
Consolidated Oil & Gas, Inc. Hugoton Energy Corporation 1995 merger
Consolidated Oil and Gas Inc. Hugoton Energy Corporation 1996
Consolidated Oil Corporation Sinclair Oil Corp.
Consolidated Producing Co. ICG Petroleum Inc.
Consolidated Production Petro-Lewis Corp.
Continental Oil Company Conoco, Inc.
Continental Resources Corp. Chapman Resources Corp.
ConVest Energy Corp. Windsor Energy Corp. (sub of ConVest)
Conwest Exploration Company Limited Alberta Energy Company Ltd
Copeland Well Service Kencope Energy Co.
Copper Range Co. Louisiana Land & Exploration Co. 1977
Coquat Longhorn Oil & Gas Co.
Coquina Oil Corporation American National Petroleum Co. partial
Coquina Oil Corporation Fluor Oil & Gas Corporation 1983 partial
Coral Drilling Inc. Fluor Drilling Services Inc. 1969
Cornet Conder
Coronado Corp. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1941
Corporation Ventures, Inc. Beaver-Mesa Uranium Inc. 1955 Merger
Corpus Christi Oil & Gas Company PG&E Resources
Cosden Oil & Chemical Company American Petrofina Co. of Texas
Cosden Petroleum Corp. American Petrofina, Inc. 1963
Coseka Resources Limited Union Pacific Resources Inc.
Coseka Resources Ltd. North Canadian Oils Ltd.
Costilla Energy Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas 2000
Cotton Petroleum Co. Cotton Petroleum Corp. 1972
Cotton Petroleum Corp. Apache Corporation
Coty Lario Oil & Gas Co.
Coulee Ridge Capital Corp. Del Roca Energy Inc 10/1/1997 name change
Courage Energy Samson Canada, Ltd. 2001
Cox & Cox Edwin L. & Berry R. Cox
CRA, Inc. Terra Resources Inc. 1970
Crabtree, F. Dale Jan-Dal Petroleum
crane holdings
Crescent Corporation Kerr-McGee Corporation
Crescent Oil & Gas Corporation Livingston Oil Company
Crescent Royalty Co. Southland Royalty Co. 1931
Creslenn Oil Co. Deminex U.S. Oil Co. 1979
Crestar Energy Inc. Gulf Canada Resources Ltd Jan 2001 acquistion
Crestmont Petroleum Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Cross Timbers Oil Company XTO Energy 2001 name change
Crown Zellerbach Corp. James River Corporation
Crude Co. Independent Producers Marketing Corp.
Crystal Gas Storage Inc. El Paso Energy Corp. 1999 Merger
Crystal Oil Company Diamond Oil Company
CSX Oil & Gas Corporation Total Petroleum, Inc.
CU Bay Tenneco Inc.
Cube Energy Corp Barrington Petroleum Ltd
Cullen Quintana Resources (Corbin J Robertson)
Cumberland Pipeline Company Ashland Refining Company 1931
Cummins & Walker Oil Company, Inc. Corpus Christi Oil & Gas Co.
Curt Weaver Oil Co. Ensource Inc.
CV Lyman Rycade
CV Lyman Rycade
CXY, Inc. Canadian Occidental Petroleu, Ltd (sub of CXY)
Cypher Energy Corp. Alliance Exploration Corp.
Czar Resources Ltd Ranger Oil Limited
Dabros Properties, Inc. JN Exploration & Production
Dalco Oil Company Sabine Production Company 1976 Merger
Dalco Petroleum Corp. Great Yellowstone Corp.
Danciger Atlantic Richfield Co.
Dangerfield Resources Inc. Remington Energy Ltd
Daniel Oil Co. Partners Oil Co.
Datacare Inc. Ashland Oil Inc. 1981
David Oil Co. Home Petroleum Corp. 1981
Davis Oil Company Apache Oil Corporation 1985 Property Acq.
Davis Oil Company Home Petroleum Corp. 1981
Davis, WR Co. Conoco Inc.
Days Corporation Echo, Inc.
DBM Energy Inc. Lexxor Energy Inc. 2000 acquisition
Dean Brothers Great Expectations
Deca Energy Kimbark Operating
Deep Gas Exploration, Inc. Ratex Resources Inc.
Deep Rock Oil Corp. Crescent Corporation 1955
Deep Rock Oil Corporation Kerr-McGee 1955
DEKALB Agricultural Association DEKALB Petroleum partial
DEKALB Agricultural Association DEPCO, Inc. partial
Dekalb Energy Canada Ltd Apache Canada Ltd
DEKALB Energy Company Apache Oil Corporation 1994 Merger
DEKALB Petroleum DEKALB Energy Company
DEKALB Petroleum Co. DEPCO, Inc.
Del Mar Petroleum, Inc. Grace Petroleum Corp.
Del Mar Production Southland Royalty Co.
Del Ray Petroleum Co. Tenneco Inc. 1953
Del Roca Resources Ltd., Coulee Ridge Capital Corp 9/26/1997 purchase
Delhi Taylor Oil Company Tenneco Inc. 1964
Delta Drilling Delta US Corporation
Deltaus Corporation Delta U.S. Corporation
Deminex U.S. Oil Corp. Detex Oil Corp.
Denver Producing Company Indian Royalty Company
DEPCO, Inc. DEKALB Energy Company
Derby Refining Company Gas Producing Enterprises
Desana Corporation Presidio Oil Company (sub of Desana)
Detex Oil Corp. Deminex U.S. Oil (sub of Detex)
Devnic Energy Inc Fortune Energy Inc.
Devon Corporation Devon Energy Corp.
Devon Energy Corporation Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada) 9/29/88 name change
Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada) Devon Energy Production Company, LP 12/30/1999 merger
Devon Energy Operating Corporation Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada) 12/31/96 merger
Devon Energy Partners, a Ltd Partnership Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada) 6/1/93 assignment of assets
Devonian Gulf Oil Corp.
Diamond Alkali Company Diamond Shamrock Exploration
Diamond M Offshore Corp Diamond M Corporation
Diamond Oil Company Sun Oil Company
Diamond Shamrock Corp. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
Diamond Shamrock Exploration Company Maxus Exploration Company
Diatom Petroleum Inc Ivanhoe Energy Inc. 1999 Acq
Dickey Oil Co. Amoco Productin Co.
Dietrich Exploration Co. Domestic Energy Co. Inc.
Discovery West Corp Magin Energy Inc.
Diversa, Inc. Homa Oil Company
Diversified Energies Arkla, Inc. (sub of Diversified Energies)
Dixel Blackjack Resources, Inc.
Dixel Resources, Inc. Owl Petroleum Company
Dixie Oil Co. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1919
Dixie Oil Co. Standard Oil Co. of Indiana (Amoco) 1919
DL Mount Bounty Production Co.
DLB Oil & Gas Inc. Chesapeake Energy Corporation 1998 merger
Dobrana Resources Ltd. Big Star Energy Inc.
Dome Petroleum Texaco Oils Inc. 1989
Dome Petroleum Corp. Ferguson Oil Co. Inc. 1989
Dome Petroleum Limited Amoco Canada Petroleum Co 1988 Acquisition
Dome USA Texaco Inc. 1989
Domestic Energy Co. Inc. Dietrich Exploration Co.
Doran & Associates, Inc. Cabot Corporation
Dorchester Exploration Damson Oil Corp. 1984
Dorchester Gas Corp. Damson Oil Corp. 1984
Dorfman Production Heisler, W.H. Jr.
Dorrance Frazier
Dorset Exploration Ltd Baytex Energy Ltd
Double H Petroleum Corp ALN Resources Corp.
Douglass Resources Corporation Cleary Petroleum Corporation
Dow Chemical Co. Apache Oil Corporation 1982 Property Acq.
Drew Chemical Ashland Oil Inc. 1981
Drillexco Atlantic Richfield Co. 1962
Drilley Co. Atlantic Richfield Company
Drilling & Exploration Co. Atlantic Richfield Co. 1962
Drilling and Exploration Sinclair Oil Corporation
Duke Energy Duke Energy Field Services 1999 Partial Merger of nat gas units
Duke Power Company Duke Energy Corporation 1997 Merger
Duncan Corp. Cobb Oil & Gas Company
Dundee Petroleum Corp. City of Medicine Hat 2000 acquisition
DuPont Conoco 1999 spinoff
Duran Energy Corp. Wentex International, Inc. 1984
DX Sun Company Inc.
Dyco Petroleum Corporation Samson Investment (sub of Dyco)
Dynamic of Texas Inc. Southland Royalty Co. 1979
Dynamic Oil Limited Dynamic Oil & Gas, Inc.
Dynegy Energy Resources Limited Partnership Dynegy Midstream Services Limited Partnership 1999 name change
EA/TG Oil & Gas Co. Elf-Aquitane Petroleum 1983
Eagle Exploration Co. Century Oil & Gas Corp.
Eagle Mountain Energy Corp. Clinton Oil Company
Eagle Oil Co. Mapco, Inc. 1978
Earlsboro Energies Bogert Oil Co. (sub of Earlsboro)
Earlsboro Energies Corp Earlsboro Energies
Earlsboro Oil and Gas Corp. Earlsboro Energies
Earth Resources Co. Mapco, Inc. 1980
Eason Oil Company Sonat, Inc.
East Tennessee Natural Gas Tenneco Oil Company
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company (sub of El Paso Duke Energy Gas Transmission 2000 Acq
East Wall Street Corporation Socony Mobil Oil Company
Eastern Group Statoil Energy, Inc., 1998 Name Change
Eastern Seaboard Petroleum Ashland Oil Inc. 1971
Eastern States Exploration Company Equitable Resources, Inc. 2000 Partial Acq
Eastern States Oil and Gas Equitable Resources, Inc. 2000 Partial Acq
Eastern States Oil Company Signal Company
Eastern States Petroleum & Chemical Eastern States Oil Company 1958
Eastland Oil Sinclair Oil Corp. (Atlantic Richfield Co.)
EBCO USA pennNET 2000 Acq majority interest
Echo Oil Corp. Maynard Oil Co. 1979
Echological Engineering Systems, Inc. Western Gas Processors, Ltd.
Edge Energy Inc. Ventus Energy Ltd. 2000 merger
EDP Operating, Ltd. EM Nominee Partnership 1985 Amend PA
Edson Petroleum Co. Cities Service Oil Co. 1970
Edwards & Leach Oil Company Alexander Energy Corp.
EE Fogelson Shell Oil Co. 1964
EE Nearburg Nearburg Producing Company
EH McDermott JD Wrather Jr.
EH McDermott JD Wrather, Jr.
El Paso Exploration Company Meridian Oil, Inc.
El Paso Production Company Meridian Oil Inc. 1/2/1996 merger
El Paso Products Company El Paso Natural Gas Co. (sub)
El Rey John P. McNaughton
El Toro Exploration Roland Liberda
ELAN Energy Inc Ranger Oil Limited
Elders Resources North America Inc. New London Resources Inc.
Elf Aquitaine Inc. Elf Exploration, Inc.
Elk Refining Co. Pennzoil United Inc. 1969
Elk River Resources Sun Company, Inc.
Ellwood Oil Company Southwest Royalties Inc.
EM Nominee Quinoco
Emerald Oil and Gas Liquidated
Empire Energy Co. Amoco Production Company
Empire Gas & Fuel Co. Empire Oil & Refining Co.
Empire Oil & Refining Company Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp.
Empire Oil Co. Ashland Oil Inc. 1973
Empire Petroleum Corp. Americomm Resources 2001
Encal Energy Calpine Corporation 2001
Encor Energy Talisman Energy
Encor Energy Corporation Inc. Talisman Energy Inc.
enduro oil co
Energen Resources Bellwether Exploration Company 1999 Acq - Gulf of Mexico props
Energy Corporation of America, Inc. Equitable Petroleum Corp.
energy development noble
Energy Development Corporation Public Service Enterprise Group (sub of Energy Dev
Energy Exchange Corp. French Petroleum Corp.
Energy Minerals Corporation HS Resources Inc. 8/1/94 merger
Energy Reserves Group, Inc. BHP Petroleum (Americas) Inc.
Energy Resources Corp. Enertec Corp. 1984
Energy Service Company, Inc. ESCO, Inc.
Enermark Inc Enerplus Energy Corporation
Enjay Chemical Corp Exxon Corporation 1973 Merger
Enlow Oil Co. Fisher Oil Co.
Enogex, Inc. Oklahoma Natural Gas Company (sub of Enogex)
Enopco Inc. UMC Petroleum Corporation
Enpal Inc. UMC Petroleum Corporation
Enron Corp. Enron Oil & Gas Company 1987 formed to consolidate all of Enron's exploration & production companies
Enron Liquids Pipeline, L.P. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. 1997 Acquisition
Enron Oil & Gas Company EOG Resources, Inc. 1999 name change, became independent of its parent Enron Corp.
Ensearch Energy Inc Impel Energy Corp 1984
Ensearch Energy Inc. Impel Energy Corp. 1984
Ensearch Exploration Co Enserch Corp after 2000 gas pipeline operator aka Enserch Gulf Coast Production
Ensearch Exploration Company Enserch Corp.
Enserch Exploration Texas Utilities
Ensource Inc. Visa Energy
Ensources Inc. UMC Petroleum Corporation
Enstar Unimar 1984
Enstar (sub of Ocean Energy) SEMCO Energy Inc. 1999 Acq
Enstar Corp Enstar Petroleum Co. 1985 Merger
Enstar Natural Gas Company (sub of Ocean Energy) Semco Energy, Inc. 1999
Enstar Petroleum Company Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
Enstar Petroleum, Inc. Enstar Petroleum Company
Enterprise Gas Co. Enterprise Resources Inc.
Entex Petroleum, Inc. UMC Petroleum Corporation
EOG (Oklahoma) Inc. Ensign Oil & Gas Inc. (sub)
EP Operating Enserch Corp. (sub)
Epsco Flow-Quip Texas Inc.
EPX Co. El Paso Exploration
Equis Energy Corp Magin Energy Inc.
Equitable Resources Westport Oil and Gas Company. 2000 Gulf Coast Assets
Esco Energy Inc. Edisto Resources Corp.
Esco, Inc. Edisto Resources Corp.
Esso Chemical Corp. Exxon Corporation 1973 Merger
Esso Resources Canada Limited Imperial Oil Resources Limited
Esso Standard Oil Co. Humble Oil & Refining Co. 1960 Merger
EVI, Inc. EVI Weatherford 1998 Merger
Excel Energy Corp. Barrett Resources Corporation
Excel Energy Inc. Crestar Energy Inc
Excelsior Oil Corp. McMoran Oil & Gas Company
Exchange Transco
Exchange Resources Ltd Gulf Canada Resources Limited
Exeter Co. Exeter Drilling & Exploration Co.
Exeter Drilling Nabors
Exeter Drilling Co. Exeter Exploration Co. 1977
Exsun Oil Corp. S&G Oil Corp. 1977
Exxon Corporation Exxon Mobil Corp. 1999 Merger
F&P McMoran Oil & Gas Company
Fairbanks and Haas Inc. Fortune Petroleum Corp.
Falcon Creek Resources Sapient 2000 merger
Falcon Crude Transport & Trading Co. UPG Inc. (Internorth sub) 1984
Falcon Drilling R&B Falcon Corporation 1997 Merger
Falcon Seaboard Diamond Shamrock Corp. 1979
Fall River Gas Company Southern Union Company 1999 Merger
Fargo Oils Ltd. Getty (Texaco)
Farmers Petroleum Cooperative Inc. Farmers Crude Production Co. 1981
Farmland Industries, Inc. Oxoco, Inc.
Farmland International Energy Co. Terra Resources Inc. 1978
Federal Intermediate Credit Bank Farm Credit Bank of Wichita
Federal Land Bank of Wichita Farm Credit Bank of Wichita
Federated Natural Resources Corp. Cherokee Resources, Inc.
Felmont Oil Corp. Tenneco Oil Company
Ferguson and Bosworth Bosworth Oil Company partial
Ferguson and Bosworth Ferguson Oil Company partial
Fidelity Capital Corporation Petrodynamics, Inc.
Fidelity Royalty Company Toklan Oil Company
Fifteen Oil Co. Tenneco Inc. 1960
Fifteen Oil Company Tenneco Oil Company
Filon Exploration Co. Mapco Production Co. 1979
Fina Oil and Chemical Company Fina Inc. (sub of FOCC)
Financial Technology Texon Energy Corp. 1975
First Mississippi Corp. First Energy Corp.
First Trust Company of Montana Midland National Bank
First Tulsa Bankcorporation Inc. Banks of Mid-America Inc. 1984
Fisher Oil Co. Enlow Oil Co.
FK Johnson Ambassador Petroleum Corp.
FK Johnson Anadarko Production Co.
Flag Oil Corp. Flag-Redfern Oil Corp.
Flag-Redfern Oil Corp. Kerr-McGee Corporation 6/30/89 merger
Flaitz & Mitchell Mitchell Energy & Development
Flaitz & Mitchell Mitchell Energy & Development
Fletcher Challenge Energy Apache Corp 2000 acquisition of Canadian and Argentinian assets
Fletcher Challenge Energy Shell Overseas Holdings 2000 acquisition of New Zealand and Brunei assets
Flogelson, EE Shell Oil Company 1964
Florida Exploration Company HNG Oil Company
Florida Gas Exploration Co. Florida Exploration Co.
Florida Gas Exploration Company Florida Exploration Company
Flow-Quip Flow-Quip Texas
Fluor Corporation Corbin J Robertson 1983 Partial Rockies Properties
Fluor Corporation Santa Fe Energy Company 1983 Partial Rockies Properties
Fluor Drilling Service Fluor Corp. 1969
Fluor Minerals, Inc. Fluor Oil and Gas Corporation
Fluor Oil and Gas Corporation Primary Fuels
Flying Diamond Oil Corp. Bow Valley Industries
Flynn Energy Corp. RVO Petroleum Co. 1979
Forcenergy Inc. Forest Oil Corporation 2000 merger
Forest Oil Company Forest Oil Corporation
Forest Oil Corporation Canadian Forest Oil Ltd
Fortuna Energy Corp. Midwest Energy Corp.
foster petroleum
Fowler Petroleum Inc. Western Crude Oil Inc. 1969
Fox Production Corp. Zuma New-Mexico Oil Corporation
Franco Western Franco Wyoming Oil Company
Franco Wyoming Oil Company Southland Royalty Company
Frankel Oil Co. Frankel Oil & Gas Co.
Frankfort Texas Pacific Oil Company
Franklin Supply co. Investa International Inc.
Fred Olson Inc. Volvo Petroleum, Inc. 1981
Freedom Valvoline Oil Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1950
Freeport Mineral Co. McMoran Offshore Exploration Co. 1981
Freeport Oil Co. McMoran Freeport Oil Co. 1981
Freeport Oil Company Freeport-McMoRan Oil Company
French Petroleum Corp. Red Eagle Resources Corp.
Frio Drilling Co. Frio Exploration Co. 1982
Frontier Oil & Gas Co., Inc. Wainoco Oil Corp. (sub)
Frontier Oil Refining Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1950 Acquisition
Fuhrman Petroleum Corporation Conoco Inc.
Fullerton Oil Monterey Oil Company 1953
Funk Exploration Waterford Energy, Inc.
Gamble - Daniel Operating Co. Partners Oil Co.
Gardiner Oil & Gas Limited Poco Petroleums Ltd
Gary Operating Gary Energy Corp.
Gas Producing Enterprises Coastal Oil & Gas Corp. 1980
Gas Producing Enterprises, Inc. Border Exploration
GBK Corporation (MGF Oil Corporation properties) Kaiser-Francis Oil Company 6/30/93 GBK conveys all MGF assets to Kaiser-Francis
GCO Minerals Company International Paper Co. (sub)
Gemco, Inc. Chevron USA Inc.
Gene Oil Inc. Neilson Enterprises Inc. 1976
General American Oil Co. of Texas Phillips Petroleum Co. 1983
General American Oil Company Phillips Petroleum Co. 1983
General Atlantic Energy Corporation Presidio Exploration Company
General Atlantic Oils, Ltd. GAE Corp. (sub)
General Atlantic Resources, Inc. GAE Corp. (sub)
General Atlantic Rockies Production Co. GAE Corp. (sub)
General Crude Oil Company Mobil Corp. 1979
General LP Acquisition Inc. UMC Petroleum Corporation
General Oils Co. Inc. Ashland Oil Inc. 1976
General Petroleum Corp. Mobil Corp. 1926
General Polymers Inc. Ashland Oil Inc. 1983
General Producing Company UMC Petroleum Corporation
General Production Co., Inc. Zapata Exploration Co. 1983
Genesis Exploration Vintage Petroleum 2001
George Mitchell & Associates, Inc., (sub of Mitch Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.
George R. Brown Highland Resources, Inc.
Gerrity Oil & Gas Corporation Patina Oil & Gas Corporation abt 1997 merger
getty oil
Getty Oil Co. Getty Oil Company 1967
Getty Oil Company Texaco Producing Inc. 1984
getty oil company
getty oil corporation
Getty Oil International (Spain) S.A. Getty Oil Exploration Company 1982
Getty Reserve Oil, Inc. Getty Oil Company 1980 Partial
Getty Reserve Oil, Inc. Getty Oil Exploration Company 1983
GFB Resources Ltd. Indo Pacific Oil and Gas Inc.
GHK Company Transitory Corporation Partial
GHK Company GHK Energy Corp Partial
GHK Energy Corp. GHK Company
Gibraltar Exploration Company High Point Investments
Gilcrease Oil Co. Venus Oil Co.
Gilliland Oil Company Reserve Petroleum Company
Gilliland Producing & Refining Phillips Petroleum Co. 1936
GKM Oil Company GKM, Inc.
GKM, Inc. Petromark Merger Company
Glen McCarthy Houston Natural Gas Production Company 9/6/1957 acquisition
Global Natural Resources Seagull Energy Corp 1996 merger
Globe Lario Oil & Gas Co.
Glover Hefner Kennedy Company GHK Company
Gobi Oil & Gas Ltd Dominion Explorers Inc.
Goff Oil Company Reading & Bates Production Co.
Goff-Lepper Drilling Company Goff Oil Company
Gold King Exploration Denovo
Golden Eagle Energy Inc. Ultramar
Good Hope Refineries GHR Energy
Gordon Street Inc. North American Royalties
Gothic Energy Corp. Chesapeake Energy Corp. 2001 merger
GP Livermore Inc. Great Western Oil
Grace, WR Grace Petroleum Corporation
Grace, WR and Company Grace Petroleum Corporation
Grad & Walker Energy Corporation Crestar Energy Inc.
Grad & Walker Resources Ltd Crestar Energy Inc.
Graham-McCormick Oil & Gas Ladd Petroleum Corp.
Graridge Corp Breckenridge Operating Co. 1966 Partial
Graridge Corp. American Petrofina, Inc. 1966 partial
Graybill Exploration US Minerals Exploration
Grayhill Exploration US Minerals Exploration
Great Lakes Pipe Line Company Williams Pipe Line 1966 Acq
Great Plains Development Aminoil USA Inc.
Great Western Oil Phillips Petroleum Company
Great Western Pipeline Corporation Utah Resources International, Inc. 12/21/1971 merger
Gressel Corp. VAL Inergy, Inc.
Griffin Petroleum Corp. MGF Oil Corp. 1982
Gruy Petroleum Management Co. Intraamerican Corp.
Guardian Oil Co. Bayou Resources, Inc. 1983
Gulf Canada Resources Ltd Conoco Inc. 2001 acquisition
Gulf Corp. (of Pittsburgh) Chevron Corporation 1984 acquisition
Gulf Energy Penn Central
Gulf Energy Chevron USA, Inc.
Gulf Midstream Services KeySpan Energy Corporation Sept 2000 acquisition
Gulf Oil Company Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf Oil Corporation Chevron (Standard Oil Company of California) 1984 Merger
Gulf Resources Corp. Chevron (Standard Oil Company of California)
Gulf States Western
Gulfco Industries, Inc. Petroleum Services, Inc.
Gulfstar Energy, Inc. Domain Energy Corporation 1997 Acq
Gypsy Oil Co. Gulf Oil Corp.
H-30 Drilling Inc. Columbian Energy Co.
Hadson Energy Resources Apache Oil Corporation 1993 Merger
Hadson Ohio Oil Company Hadson Petroleum Corporation
Hadson Petroleum Corporation Hadson Energy Resources
Hall-Houston Apache Oil Corporation 1993 Acquisition
Hallador Exploration Company Hallador Petroleum Company
Hallwood Energy Pure Resources 2001
Hambro Gas & Oil Company Enron Oil & Gas Company
Hamilton Oil Corp. Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd
Hancock Oil & Gas Hancock Oil Company 1957
Hancock Oil Company Signal Company
Hanna Petroleum Company MA Hanna Company
Hanover Petroleum Inc. Total Petroleum Inc.
HarCor Exploration, Inc. Phoenix Operating Company
Harken Oil & Gas, Inc. Harken Energy Corp.
Harmex (subsidiary of Alta Energy Corporation) Devon Energy Operating Corporation 5/18/94 merger
Harper Oil and Gas, Inc. Occidental
Harper Oil Company Harper Oil and Gas, Inc.
Hartwell Petroleums Ltd Crown Joule Exploration Ltd
Harvestor Oil and Gas Co. GAE Corp. (sub)
Hathaway Company Pyramid Oil.
Hawthorne Oil & Gas Corp. Oxoco, Inc. 1982
HB Zachry Gasoline Production
HCO Energy Ltd Pinnacle Resources Ltd
Healdton Oil & Gas Co. Eason Oil Co. 1929
Hefner Company Arbuckle Oil Corporation
Helmerich & Payne Reading & Bates 1936 Affiliation severed
Helmerich & Payne White Eagle Oil Company 1944 H&P became a wholly owned sub
Hemmings Corp. Axem Resources Inc. (sub)
Henderson Petroleum Corp. Burkhart Petroleum Corp.
Hershey Oil Company American Exploration Company
Hess Oil & Chemical Amerada Hess Corp. 1969
Hess Oil Corp. Amerada Hess Corporation
Heyser & Heard Exxon Corp.
Hickock & Reynolds Ibex & Windfohr
Hickory Creek Development Co. Hanna Petroleum Company
Hidalgo Willacy Oil Co. CNG Producing Company
High Crest Oils, Inc. Tricentrol U.S., Inc.
Highridge Exploration Ltd. Talisman Energy Inc. 1999 acquisition
Hightower Olix Energy
Hillcrest Resources Ltd Enerplus Energy Corporation
Hiram Walker Resource Ltd Gulf Canada Resources Ltd July 1987 acquisition
HNG Fossil Fuels Co. HNG Oil Co. 1983
HNG Oil Company Enron Oil & Gas Company 1987 consolidation
HO&M Houston Oil & Minerals
Holly Energy, Inc. Belnorth Petroleum Co. 1984
Homa Oil & Gas Corp. Consumers Gas Company
Homa Oil Company Consumers Gas Company
Home Oil (Canada) Anderson Exploration
Home Oil Company Ltd Anderson Exploration Ltd
Home Petroleum Corporation Presidio Oil Company
Home-Stake Oil & Gas Co. Cortez Oil & Gas Inc. Oct 2000 merger
Hondo Oil & Gas Company Atlantic Richfield Company 1963
Hondo Oil and Gas Company Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada) 12/31/91 assigned certain assets
Hondo Oil and Gas Company Devon Energy Partners, a Ltd Partnership 12/31/91 assigned certain assets
Honolulu Oil Company Pan American Petroleum Company
Hoover & Bracken Energies, Inc. Bracken Exploration Co.
Houston Industries Reliant Energy 1999 Name Change
Houston Natural Gas Production Company HNG Oil Company 1971 Roden Oil & Houston Natural combined to form new company
Houston Oil & Minerals Tenneco Inc.
Houston Oil Co. Atlantic Richfield Co. 1956
Houston Oil Trust Seagull Energy Corp.
Houston Operating Company Normandy Oil & Gas Corp. (sub)
Houston Petroleum Company MSR Exploration Ltd.
Houston Royalty Corp. Houston Oil & Minerals
HPC, Inc. Home Petroleum Corp.
HR Smith Western
HS Resources, Inc. Kerr McGee Corporation 2001
Hudson Oil Co. Amoco Production Co.
Hudsons Bay Oil & Gas Company Lasmo 1982 partial acq
Hughes Eastern Petroleum Inc. Prairie Producing Company
Hughes Oil & Gas Inc. Texas Meridian Resources, Ltd.
Hugoton Energy Corporation Chesapeake Mid-Continent Corp. 4/19/1998 merger
Hugoton Production Co. Mesa petroleum co. 1969
Huisache Operating Co. Peninsula Resources Corp. 1977
Humble Oil & Refining Co. Exxon Corporation 1/1/1973 Merger
Hunt Energy Corp Rosewood Resources Inc.
Hunter Co. Arkla Exploration Co.
Husky Oil Company Marathon Oil Company 1984 Merger
Husky Oil Company (Canada) Husky Energy (Canada) 2000 Merger w/Renaissance
Hutchinson, CA Jr. Inc. MC Resources Inc.
Hytech Energy Corp. Moran Brothers
I Noble Samedan Oil Corporation
Ibex Petco, Inc.
Ibex Breckenridge Operating Co.
Ibex & Windfohr Petco, Inc.
Ibex Company Graridge Corp. 1961
ICE Drilling Systems Inc. Opsco Energy Industries Ltd. (sub of Ensign Resour 1999 Acq
Illinova Corp. Dynegy Inc. 1999 Merger
Imperial American Energy Inc. Petro-Lewis Corp. 1977
Imperial American Management Co. Cayman Production Corp. 1971
Imperial American Resources Fund Inc. Imperial American Energy Inc.
Imperial Oil and Gas Inc. Oneok Exploration Co.
Imperial Oil Ltd. Mobil Canada 1999 Merger
Imperial Petroleum Moss Petroleum Company
Income Share, Inc. Aberdeen Petroleum Corp.
Independent Energy Inc Gulf Canada Resources Limited
Independent Exploration Co. Tesoro Petroleum Corp. 1952
Independent Oil Company Shell Oil Company
India Temple Minerals Co. Helping Hand Energy, Ltd.
indian royalty company
Indian Royalty Company Cornell Oil Company
Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Co. Cities Service Oil Company
Indiana Energy Vectren 1999 Merger
Indiana Oil Purchasing Co. Amoco Production Co. 1964
Industrial Gas Supply Corp. Enterprise Resources Inc. 1972
Inexco Oil Company Louisiana Land & Exploration Co.
Ingram Oil & Refining Co. Murphy Oil Corp. 1961
Inland Gas & Oil Limited Northrock Resources Ltd
Inland Towing Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1955
Integon Corp. Ashland Oil Inc. 1981
Integral Petroleum Corp Buttes Oil & Gas Co. 1976
Integral Petroleum Corp. Buttes Oil & Gas Co. 1976
Integrated Energy, Inc. MCO Resources (Integrated) Corp. 1984
Intensity Resources Ltd Renata Resources Ltd
Inter-American Petroleum Corp. Kenai Oil & Gas Inc. 7/14/1978 name change
Intercoast Oil and Gas Company KCS Energy 1997 Acq
Intercoastal Operating Co. IOC Exploration, Inc.
International Interlake Industries Newport Petroleum Corporation
International Nuclear Corp. Inexco Oil Company 1971
International Oil & Gas Corp. Husky Oil Company 1966 Partial
International Oil & Gas Corp. DEPCO, Inc. 1966 Partial
International Oil Corp. Western Development Co. of Delaware 1962
International Oiltex Ltd Pursuit Resources Corp
International Petroleum Co. Diamond Shamrock Corp. 1983
International Petroleum Refineries Inc. Conoco 1968
International Petroleum Resources Corp. Sabine Corporation 1972
International Resources Phoenix Resources Co. 1978
International Telephone Sonat Exploration Company
Internorth Inc. Belnorth Petroleum 1984 created by Internorth and Nortex Gas & Oil
Internorth, Inc. Enron Oil & Gas Company 1987 consolidation
Interstate Pipe Line Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company 1930 Name Change
Intex Shell Western E&P, Inc.
Intex Oil Co. Tesoro Petroleum Corp. 1968
IntraAmerican Energy Corp. IntraAmerican Oil & Minerals Inc.
intrepid financial intrepid financial,llc
Inverness Energy Ltd Rigel Energy Corporation
Inverness Petroleum Ltd Rigel Energy Corporation
Investors Royalty Co. Inc. Sabine Corporation 1973
Investors Royalty Company Dalco Oil Company
Iowas Resources Inc. Midwest Resources Inc.
Irish National Petroleum Corp. Tosco Corp. 2001
Island Oil Company Penrose Production Company
IW Lovelady Adobe Oil & Gas Corp. 1978
J&B Royalty Company Wilco Properties, Inc.
Jack H. Choate, Inc. Ray Resources Corporation
Jackalope-New Mexico Oil Co. Lacy Ranch Petroleum Corp.
Jag Petroleums Ltd Probe Exploration Inc.
Jaguar Petroleum Corporation Probe Exploration Inc.
Jal Oil company Sun Company, Inc.
James River Corporation Cavenham Forest Industries Inc.
Japex (US) Corp. Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. (sub)
JC Trahan Drilling Co. Texas International Petroleum Corp.
JC Williamson Tenneco
Jergins Oil Co. Exxon Corp.
Jerry Chambers Exploration Co. Axem Resources, Inc.
Jet Oil Co. Deminex U.S. Oil Co. 1979
Jiffy Lube International Pennzoil-Quaker State Company 1998 Merger
JKM Inc. Scott-Kinnear Inc.
JM Guffey Petroleum Co. Gulf Oil Corp. 1907
JM Petroleum Union Texas Petroleum
JN Exploration & Production JN Oil and Gas, Inc. (sub)
Jocelyn-Varn Oil Varn Oil Co.
Johnson, FK Anadarko Production Co.
Johnston Oil & Gas Co. Union Oil Co. of California
Johnston Ranch Royalty Co. Triton Oil & Gas
Jonell Gas MCO Resources, Inc.
Jonnell Gas Company Chevron USA
Juniper Oil & Gas Buttes Oil & Gas Co. 1967
Juniper Petroleum Damson Oil Corp. 1982
JV Trahan Drilling Nordon Corp Ltd 1968
Kacee Exploration Inc. Questar Exploration Inc.
Kaneb Production Company Kaneb Energy Company
Kansas City Power & Light Westar Energy 1999 Merger
Kansas Pipeline Company Midcoast Energy Resources, Inc. 1999 Acq
Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Company KN Energy Inc.
Katz Oil Co. Standard Oil Co. of Ohio
Kaycee Exploration Ltd Sabine Corporation 1974
KCCH Oil Co. of Texas Inc. Union Texas Petroleum
KCS Medallion Resources, Inc. KCS Energy 1997 Acq
Kellog Oil Company Richfield Oil Company
Kellogg Petroleum Products Inc. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1954
Kennecott Sohio Petroleum Company
Kerlyn Oil Co. Kerr-McGee Corp. 1946
KerMac Kerr-McGee
Kern County Land Co. Tenneco
Kern Oil California Texaco partial
Kerr McGee Corporation Kerr-McGee North American Onshore Corporation 9/17/96 assigned certain assets
Kerr-McGee North American Onshore Corporation Devon Energy Corporation (Nevada) 12/31/96 merger - Partial - N American onshore props
Kerr-McGee Oil Industries Kerr-McGee Corp. 1966
Kewanee Industries Gulf Oil Corp. 1977
Kewanee Oil Company Gulf Oil Corp.
KeySpan Corp. KeySpan Energy Canada 2000 name change
Kimbark Exploration Inc. Kimbark Oil & Gas Co.
Kimbark Oil & Gas Company Halador Petroleum Company
Kimbark Operating Co. Kimbark Oil & Gas Co.
Kimmerer Oil Chevron
King Resources Texas International Petroleum Corp.
King Resources Co. Phoenix Resources Co. 1978
King-Stevenson Gas & Oil Co. King Resources Co. 1965
Kingwood Oil Co. LVO Corp. 1971
Kinross Minerals Corp. Ashmun & Hilliard 1966
Kirby Industries Inc. Kirby Petroleum Co. 1967
Kirby Oil & Gas Co. Kirby Van Syn Petroleum Co. 1956
Kirby Petroleum Co. Devon Energy Corp. 1975
Kirby Petroleum Co. Continental Oil Co. 1954 producing props
Kirby Petroleum Co. Kirby Exploration Co. 1975 non prod props
Kirby Production Company Kirby Petroleum Co. 1956
Kirby Van Syn Petroleum Co. Kirby Petroleum Co. 1956
Kirkwood & Co. Harkins & Co. 1956
KMA Well Service (Wichita Falls) Kencope Energy Co. 1980
KN Energy, Inc. Plains Petroleum Co. (sub)
KN Energy, Inc. Kinder Morgan, Inc. 1999 Merger
KN Production Company Tom Brown, Inc. 1/1/1996 merger
KNDA Chevron
Krider & Affiliates Petroleum Corp. Monarch Petroleum Company
KRM Petroleum Corp. PrimeEnergy Corporation
KSA Industries Adams Resources & Energy 1974
Kuma Resources Ltd Talisman Energy Inc.
L Noble Samedan Oil Corp.
Ladd & Lukowicz Eureka Oil Company
Ladd Petroleum Corp. Amax Oil & Gas Corp.
LaGloria Oil & Gas Texas Eastern Corp. 1957
Laird Oil & Gas, Inc. Wainoco Oil Corp. 1972
Lajet, Inc. International Crude 1982
Lambert Oil Total Petroleum Inc.
Lamson & Bennett Lamson/Onshore Petroleum Corp.
Lancaster Corporation Key Production Co. 10/1/1993
Landhawk Petroleum Corporation Campion Resources Ltd.
Landreth Production Corp. Amoco Production Co. W TX & NM props
Lanphar's Oil & Gas Corp. Lanphar's Inc.
Lantern Petroleum Corp. Union Texas Petroleum
Largo Drilling & Exploration Corp. Transcontinental Oil Co. 1972
Laser Oil Co. Axem Resources, Inc. (sub)
Laser Transportation Systems Laser Oil Co.
Lasmo Canada Lasmo 1987 merger
Lasmo Canada Inc. Ranger Oil Limited
Lasmo plc Amerada Hess Corp 2000 stock purchase
LaTerre Tenneco Inc. 1974
Laurasia Resources Limited Startech Energy Inc.
Laurel Royalty Co. Sabine Corporation 1972
Lavino Oil & Gas Co. Traver Oil Co.
Lawton Oil Colorado Oil & T & P
LBJ Petroleum Corp. Earlsboro Energies Corp.
LDEC Acquisition Corp. Louis Dreyfus Energy Corp. (sub)
Leede Exploration Southland Royalty Co. 1978
Leonard Oil Company Tenneco Oil Company
Lewis Production Texaco Inc.
Lexco Lowe Associates
LF Oil Union Oil Company
Liberty National Corp. Liberty National Bank & Trust of OKC 1984
Liedke Pennzoil Company
Lien Bros. Oil Co. Western Production Co.
Limpia Royalty Gulf Oil Corp. 1962
Lincoln Rock Corp. Cambrian Corp.
Line Oil Well Svs Nomoc Oil Company, Inc.
Lingen Exploration Inc. Lingen Oil & Gas Inc. 1983
link energy plains
link energy plains
Lion Oil Co. Monsanto Oil co. 1955
Lipan Texota
Little America Refining Co. Sinclair Oil Corporation
Livingston Oil Company LVO Corporation
LL&E Alberta Inc. Poco Petroleums Ltd
LL&E Canada Ltd Poco Petroleums Ltd
Lodestar Energy Inc. Torrington Resources Ltd
Logan & Barton Charlie Barton
Lone Pine Resources Ltd. Ocelot Energy Inc.
Lone Star Producing Co. Enserch Exploration Inc. 1975
Lone Star Production Co. Enserch Corp.
Long Point Corporation Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc.
Los Angeles Oil & Refining Company Richfield Oil Company
Los Nietos Union Oil Company
Louisiana Land & Exploration Co. Burlington Resources Inc. 1997
Louisiana Land Offshore Exploration Co. Louisiana Land & Exploration Co. 1984
Lowe, Ralph Estate Maralo Inc. 1973
LPPOC Minatome Corporation
LRF Corp. French Petroleum Corp.
Lubel Oil Company Hutton Oil & Gas Corp.
Luscar Ltd Encal Energy Ltd
Luscar Oil and Gas Ltd Encal Energy Ltd
Lutcher Moore Lumber Co.
LVC Corp. Ladd Petroleum Co. 1975
LVO Corporation Utah International, Inc.
Lyman, CV Rycade
M&M Production Tenneco Inc.
M&M Production Co. Tenneco Oil
MacDonald Oil Corp. Adobe Oil & Gas Corporation 1975
MacDonald Oil Corporation Aberdeen Petroleum Corporation
Madison Adobe Resources Corp.
Madison Oil Company Madison Energy Corporation 1999 Merger
Magna Oil Corp. Triton Oil & Gas
Magness Petroleum Company Cleary Petroleum Corporation
Magnolia Oil Company Magnolia Petroleum
Magnolia Petroleum Socony Mobil
Malco Refining Hondo Oil and Gas Company
Malka Production Co. Southland Royalty Co. 1978
Mallard Petroleum Inc. Olds Petroleum Corporation
Mana Resources Inc. PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd 1971
Manga-Slag Inc. Sid Richardson Gasoline Co. 1958
Mannville Oil & Gas Limited Gulf Canada Resources Ltd 1996 acquisition
Mannville Oil & Gas Ltd Gulf Canada Resources Limited
MAPCO Inc. Williams Companies Inc. 1998 Acq
Mapco Oil & Gas Company CNG Producing Company
Mapco Production Company Mapco Oil & Gas Company
Maralo, Inc. Ralph Lowe Estate
Marathon International Petroleum Canada, Ltd. Marathon Canada Limited
Marathon Oil Company Marathon Petroleum Co. 1983 Merger
Marathon Oil Company Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC 1998 Merger
Marathon Oil Company US Steel Company (sub) 1981 retained name
Marathon Petroleum Company Marathon Resources Corp.
MarGasCo Partnership Midcoast Energy Resources, Inc. 1999 Acq
Mark Production Company Mewbourne Oil Company
Mark Resources Inc. Enerplus Energy Corporation
Markland Conoco, Inc. 1929
Marland Employees Southland Royalty Co. 1928
Marland Oil Company Marland Production Company
Marland Production Company Continental Oil Company 1919
Marline Petroleum Corporation Cheniere Petroleum Corporation
Marshall Exploration Inc. Sonat (sub)
Martine Pipeline Co. McGoldrick Oil Company (sub)
Maryland Oil Corp. Tenneco
Masters Energy Corporation Harken Oil and Gas, Inc.
Matador Petroleum Co. Shell Oil Co. 1922
Matador Pipelines of Texas Union Texas Petroleum
Matagorda Island Exploration Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Matrix Energy, Inc. LG Williams Oil Co. Inc.
Maudlin & Wood Clements Energy Inc.
Maxus Exploration Repsol YPF 1995 Acq
Maxwell Oil & Gas Ltd. Tethys Energy Inc. 2000
May Petroleum Inc. Premco Petroleum Co. 1978 partial
Mayflo Oil Company May Petroleum Inc.
Maygill Petroleum Company Ranger Oil (Canada) Ltd. 1958 Name change
Mayo Frazier
McAdams, Rous and Associates, Inc. Plains Petroleum Company
McAlester Fuel Co. Enstar Petroleum Corp. 1977
McAlester Fuel Co. Enstar Petroleum Co. 1985 Merger
McCarthy Oil & Gas Houston Natural Gas Production Company 9/6/1957 acquistion
McCollum Exploration Western
McCulloch Gas Processing MGPC, Inc.
McCulloch Gas Transmission MGPC, Inc.
McCulloch Interstate Gas Corp MGPC, Inc.
McCulloch Oil & Gas Corp. of CA MCO Resources, Inc.
McCulloch Oil Corp. of Texas MCR Oil Corp. of Texas
McCulloch Oil Exploration McCulloch Oil Corp. of CA
McDermott, EH JD Wrather, Jr.
McElroy Ranch Company Warren American Oil Company
McFarland Corporation Coral Drilling
McFarland Drilling Fluor Oil & Gas Corporation
McGaw Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1962
McKee Petroleum Corp. Mobil Corp. 1976
McKnight Petroleum Co. Macpet
McMan Oil & Gas Co. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1931
McMoran Exploration Company McMoran Offshore Exploration Co.
McMoran Freeport Petroleum Co. McMoran Freeport Oil Co. 1983
McMoRan Oil & Gas Freeport-McMoran Inc. 1981
McMurry Oil Company AEC Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. (sub of Alberta Energy Co 2000
MCN Energy Group Williams Group 1999 acq of Western US assets
MCN Energy Group DTE Energy 2000 merger
MCO Holdings Inc. UMC Petroleum Corporation
MCO Resources Spectrum Corp. MCO Resources, Inc.
MCO Resources, Inc. MCO Holdings Inc.
MCOR Oil & Gas Corporation MCO Resources Inc.
MCOR Oil and Gas Corporation UMC Petroleum Corporation 9/14/89 merger
MCOR Oil Development Inc. MCO Resources Inc.
MCOR Oil Exploration Inc. MCO Resources Inc.
MCR Exploration Ltd. MCO Resources Inc.
MCR Newcorp Inc. MCO Resources Spectrum Corp.
MCR Oil Corp. of Texas MCO Resources Inc.
McRae Consolidated Oil & Gas Lear Petroleum Corp. 1983
McRae Exploration Lear Petroleum
McRae Oil & Gas Corp. SIPCO, Inc. (Sunset International Petroleum)
McWilliams Moffitt McMoran Oil & Gas Company
Meadow View Inc. Conquest Exploration Company
MEC Inc. Midwest Energy Corp.
Medallion GHR Energy
Medallion Production Company KCS Energy 1997 acq
Mercury Drilling Co. Cotton Petroleum Co. 1971
Mercury Energy Corporation Ltd Tethys Energy Inc.
Meridian Oil Inc. Meridian Oil Production Co.
Meridian Oil Production Company Burlington Resources Corp. (sub)
Meridian Oil Production Inc. Meridian Oil Inc. 1/2/1996 merger
Mesa Inc. Pioneer Natural Gas Resources Co. 1997 Merger
Mesa Limited Partnership Mesa Inc.
Mesa Operating Co. Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. 8/8/1997 name change
MGF Newsub, Inc. MGF Oil Corporation 5/26/88 merger
MGF Oil Corp. Southmark Corp. partial
MGF Oil Corporation GBK Corporation 6/29/93 merger
MGPC, Inc. MCO Holdings, Inc.
MGPC, Inc. Western Gas Processors Ltd WY props
Michcon MCN Corp.
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. MCN Corp. (sub)
Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company ANR Pipeline Company 1984 Name Change
Mid-American Investment Corp. Conquest Exploration Company
Mid-Continent Co. Inc. Gulf Energy Inc.
Mid-Continent Management Corp. Petrodynamics, Inc.
Mid-Continent Petroleum Sun Co. Inc. 1954
Mid-Gulf Drilling Corp Domain Energy Corporation 1997 Acq
Mid-Kansas Oil & Gas Co. Marathon Petroleum Co. 1916
Mid-States Oil Corp. Tenneco
Mid-Tex Oil & Gas Grove Oil & Gas
Mid-Western Gas Transmission Tenneco
MidCon (sub of Occidental) KN Energy Inc 1997 partial acq
Middle States Tenneco, Inc. 1958
Middle States Oil Company Midstates Oil Company
Middle States Petroleum Corporation Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
Midhurst Oil Corp. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1969
Midland National Bank First Trust Co. of Montana
Midland Southwest Corporation MA Hanna Company
Midlands Gas Corp. McMoran Oil & Gas Company
Midstates Oil Company Finlay Energy Corp.
Midstates Oil Corporation Middle States Petroleum Corp.
Midway and Northwood Reno Oil Company
Midwest Energy Company Midwest Resources, Inc.
Midwest Exploration Co. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana)
Midwest Oil Corporation Amoco
Midwest Production Company Kirby Petroleum Company
Midwest Railroad Construction & Maintenance Utah Resources International, Inc. 6/20/1995 acquisition
Midwest Refining Co. Amoco Production Co. 1932
Milestone El Paso Natural Gas Company
Millican CRA, Inc.
Minatome Corporation Total Minatome Corporation
Mission Corporation Getty Oil Company 1977 Merger
Mission Development Company Getty Oil Company 1967 Merger
Mission Exploration Inc. Mission Resources Inc.
Mission Land Acquisition Co. Mission Resources Inc.
Mission Production Company Mission Resources Inc.
Mississippi River Corp. Natural Gas & Oil
Mississippi River Trans. Corp. Champlin Petroleum Company
Mitchell & Mitchell Gas & Oil Corp. Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. 1971
Mitchell Energy & Development Corp Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation 1999 Partial - Piceance & Uinta Basin props
MLC Oil & Gas Ltd Ranger Oil Limited
Mobil Oil Corp. Mobil Producing Texas & New Mexico Inc. 1980 TX, NM & Offshore TX props
Mobil Oil Corp. Mobil Oil Exploration & Producing Southeast Inc. ( 1979
Mobil Oil Corp. Exxon Mobil Corp. 1999 Merger
Mobil Pipeline Co. Union Texas Petroleum
MOG Exploration Ltd MCOResources, Inc.
Mohawk Liquidating Corporation Reserve Oil and Gas Company 1969
Mohawk Petroleum Peter Bosche
Mohawk Petroleum Company Reserve Oil & Gas Company
Mohawk Petroleum Corporation Mohawk Liquidating Corporation 1969
Mon-Dak Oil Corporation Socony Mobil Oil Company Inc.
Monark Petroleum Company Uniok Energy Corporation
Monday Oil Co. Getty Oil Co. 1946
Monsanto Oil Company BHP Petroleum Company Inc.
Monsanto Oil Company BHP Petroleum Company Inc.
Montana Power Company PanCanadian Petroleum Limited 2001
Montana-Dakota Utilities MDU Resources Group
Monte Carlo Exploration, Inc. Rebel Exploration, Inc.
Montecito Corporation Forchall Oil
Monterey Oil & Gas Conoco Inc.
Monterey Oil Co. Esso Standard Oil Company 1960
Monticello Oil Co. IntraAmerican Oil & Minerals
Montoya Oil Co. Felmont Oil Corp. 1952
Monument Oil and Gas Lasmo 1999 merger
Monza Oil Corporation Estoril Producing Corporation
Moore Exploration John & PD Moore
Moore McCormack Company Moore McCormack Energy Co.
Moore McCormack Energy Co., Inc. CXY, Inc.
Moore Proffitt Inc. Oklahoma Hydrocarbons
Mooreland Oil & Gas, Ltd. Ventura Energy, Inc.
Moran Bros. Inc. Moran Energy Inc. 1980
Moran Exploration Inc. Kaneb Production Company
Morgan Gulf Corp. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana)
Morgan Minerals Corporation of Corpus Christi Houston Natural Gas 10/1/1956 acquisition
Mormac Energy Corp. Encino Energy & Development Corp. 1983
Morrison Petroleums Ltd Northstar Energy Corporation
Moseley Petroleum Corporation Triton Oil & Gas Corp.
Moss Petroleum Company Petco, Inc.
Mosswood Oil & Gas Ltd Noble Affiliates Inc. (sub)
Mound Co. Monsanto Oil Co. 1963
Mount, DL Bounty Production Co.
Mountain & Plains Oil Co. Adobe Oil & Gas Corporation 1980
Mountain Fuel Questar Gas 1/1/1998
Mountain Producers Corp. Amoco Production Co.
MPTNM, Inc. Mobil Prod. of Texas & New Mexico
MR McClurg & Company High Plains Oil Corporation
MRT Exploration co. Champlin Petroleum Co. 1983
Mt. Diablo Corp. Chevron (Standard Oil Co. of Calif.) 1964
Mt. Sterling-Aetna Oil Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1938
Munance Corp. Atlantic Refining Corp.
Murchison Exploration Inc. Murexco Petroleum Inc.
Murchison Trusts Kirby Van Syn Petroleum Co. 1956
Murphy Minerals Corp. Layton Enterprises Inc. 1978
Murphy Oil Company of OK Chevron
Murphy Oil Corp. Murphy Oil USA Inc. 1983
Murphy Oil Corporation Chevron
Murphy Oil USA Inc. Murphy Oil Corporation (sub)
Muskeg Oil Co. Amoco Production Co.
Mustang Energy Corp. Mustang Production Company
Mustang Production Company Mustang Company (sub)
Mustang Services Company Mustang Production Company
Mustang Services International Company Mustang Production Company
Mustang Ventures Company Mustang Production Company
MW Petroleum Apache Oil Corporation 1991 Acq from Amoco
MWJ Producing Company Ocotillo
NAFCO Chevron USA Inc.
Nalley Steel DA Schlacter
Narco PanCanadian Petroleum 2000 sale by Narco's parent, Montana Power Company
Nareco Corp. Natural Resources Corp. 1984
National Exploration Rosewood Resources
National Exploration A/E Exploration Co. 1982
National Fidelity Life Insurance Company Getty Oil Company 1982
National Oil Co. Shell Oil Company 1974
National Petroleum Company Richfield Oil Company
National Petroleum Corp. of Tampa Murphy Oil Corp. 1960
National Refining Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1950 Acquisition
Natol Petroleum Corp. Damson Oil Corp.
Natomas Exploration Company Natomas North America Inc.
Natomas North America Inc. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Corp. 1983
Natomas North America Inc. APC Operating Partnership 1984
Natomas of Oklahoma Inc. Natomas North America Inc.
Natuna Sea Holdings Gulf Canada Resources Limited 1997 acquisition
Natural Gas Corporation of California NGC Energy Company (sub)
Natural Gas Producing Co. Mobil Oil Corp. 1983
Natural Resource Management Edisto Resources Corporation before 1993
Natural Resources Corp. Global Natural Resources Corporation of TX 1984
Natural Resources Management Corp. Strata Energy, Inc. 1983
Nava Tex Drilling Company Benz Oil Corporation
Navarro Oil Conoco, Inc.
Navidad Oil & Gas Company Boltex Oil & Gas Company
Neely & Neely Iron Mountain Oil Co.
Nelson Petroleum Co. Grace Petroleum Corp. 1982
New CC Petroleum Exploration Inc. 1957
New Century Energies Xcel Energy Inc.
New Energy Ventures AES 1999 Acq
New Royalty Co. Southland Royalty Co.
Newca Exploration Co Sohio Petroleum Company 1985 Merger
Newmark Resources Trinity Resources, Inc. 1977
Newport Petroleum Corp. Hunt Oil Company 2000
NEXCO Inc. Noble Affiliates (sub)
NFC Corp. MGF Oil Corp.
NG Penrose Inc. Penrose Production
NGC Energy Company Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (sub)
NGC Energy Resources Limited Partnership Warren Energy Resources Limited Partnership 1996 name change
NGC Energy, Inc. Warren Energy, Inc. 1996 name change
Ni-Gas Inc. Nicor Exploration Company
Noble, L Samedan Oil Corp.
Nolonger Fuel Co. Inc. Mustang Production Company
None Big Chief Drilling Company 1936 Founded by Bill Payne, formerly of Helmerich & Pay
None Ashland Refining Company 1924 Founded
None Tennessee Gas and Transmission Company 1940 Founded
None Texas Eastern Corporation 1947 Founded
None Duke/Louis Dreyfus L.L.C. 1995 Founded
None Ohio Oil Company 1887 Founded
None Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation 1947 Founded
None W.R. Grace & Co. 1894 Founded
None Adobe Oil & Gas Corporation 1978 Founded
None Swift Energy Company 1979 Founded
None Standard Oil Company 1870 Founded
None Enron Liquids Pipeline, L.P. 1992 Founded
None El Paso Natural Gas Company 1928 Founded
None Duke Energy Corporation 1905 Founded
None Chalk Mountain Exploration, Ltd. (sub of Midland 1997 Founded
None Belridge Oil Co. 1910 Founded
None Basin Drilling Corp. 1905 Founded
None Atlantic Petroleum Storage Company 1866 Founded
None Ashland Petroleum 1969 Founded
None Ashland Coal 1975 Founded
None Arch Mineral (Ashland Oil sub) 1969 Founded
None Apache Oil Corporation 1954 Founded
None Anderson & Kerr Drilling Co. 1937 Founded
None Anadarko Production Company 1959 Founded
None Forest Oil Corporation 1916 Founded
None Hondo Oil & Gas Co. 1989 Founded - not old Hondo
None Interstate Pipe Line Company Founded
None Southern Natural Gas Company 1929 Founded
None Samson Investment Company 1971 Founded
None Roxoil Drilling Inc. 1946 Founded
None Algonquin Gas Transmission Company 1949 Founded
None Phillips Petroleum Company 1917 Founded
None Panhandle Eastern Corporation 1981 Founded
None Pan Eastern Exploration Company 1972 Founded
None Pacific Coast Oil Company 1879 Founded
None Occidental Petroleum Corporation 1920 Founded
None Michigan Wisconsin Pipe Line Company 1945 Founded
None Louisiana Gas Corporation 1958 Founded
None Koch Industries 1940 Founded
None Kansas Pipeline and Gas Company 1936 Founded
Nor-Am Sentinel
Noranda Oil Corporation Frontier Oil & Gas Co. Inc.
Norcen Energy Resources Limited Union Pacific Resources Inc.
Norcen Energy Resources Ltd. Union Pacific Resources abt 1997 acquisition
Norcen International Ltd Union Pacific Resources Inc.
Nordan Corporation Ltd. TIPCO
Nordon Oil Corp. Nordon Corp. Ltd.
Norfitt American Petrofina, Inc.
Noric Corp. Pogo Producing Company 2001 acquisistion announced late 2000
Norman Corporation of Caddo Inc. Kinsey
Nortex Gas & Oil Co. Belnorth Petroleum Co. 1984 created by Nortex and Belco Petroleum
North American Oil Consolidated Phillips Petroleum Co.
North Canadian Oils Norcen Energy
North Canadian Oils Limited Union Pacific Resources Inc.
North Carolina Natural Gas Corp. Sonat Inc.
North Central Oil Corp. Pogo Producing Company 2001 acquisistion announced late 2000
North Central Texas Oil Co. North Central Oil Corp. 1955
North Pacific Railway Co. Burlington Northern Inc. 1970
Northern Michigan Exploration Co. Nomeco Oil & Gas Company
Northern Natural Gas of Omaha Internorth, Inc. 1980 name change
Northern Reef Exploration Ltd Penn West Petroleum Ltd
Northern Refining Co. Ashland Oil Inc. 1970
Northern States Power Co. Xcel Energy Inc.
Northrock Resources, Ltd. Unocal Canada Management Limited 2000
NorthStar John P. McNaughton
Northstar Energy Corp Devon Energy Corp. 1999
Northwest Energy Williams Company
Northwest Energy Company Northwest Pipe Line & Williams Natural Gas 1982 Acq
Northwest Energy Company Williams Natural Gas & Northwest Pipe Line 1982 Acq
Northwest Energy Corporation Cities Service Oil & Gas Corp.
Norwegian Oil Corporation JF Dougherty Company
Norwest Oil & Gas Corp Union Pacific Resources Inc.
Norwich Resources Canada Ltd UMC Resources Canada Ltd
NRG Gathering Co. Tesoro Crude Oil Co.
NRM Petroleum Corporation Natural Resource Management Corporation merger - before 1993
Nucorp Energy Company Inc. Nucorp Energy Inc.
Nucorp Energy Inc. Pin Oak Petroleum, Inc.
Nuevo Denaro Petroleum Company Fox Production Corporation
NuGas Limited Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited
Numac Oil & Gas Numac Energy
O.J. Oil & Gas Inc. Hadro Resources, Inc. 2001
OA Sutton Gulf Oil Corp. 1962
Oakhills Energy Inc. Hadro Resources, Inc. 2001
Oakwood Petroleums Limited Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Occidental Petroleum Apache Oil Corporation 1986 partial Property Acq.
Ocean Drilling & Exploration ODECO
Ocean Energy Inc. Newfield Exploration Company 1999 Partial Acq of Gulf of Mexico assets
Ocean Oil & Gas Ocean Drilling & Exploration
Ocean Production Co. Odeco Oil & Gas Co. 1981
Oceanic Oil Producing Properties
ODECO Murphy Oil Corporation
Odessa Natural Corp. El Paso Exploration
Odyssey Energy Inc. Hardy Oil & Gas USA Inc.
Odyssey Oil and Gas Inc. Hardy Oil & Gas USA Inc.
Offshore Co. Newoff Corp.
Ohio & Plymouth Marathon Petroleum Company
Ohio Oil Company Marathon Petroleum Company 1962 Name Change
Oil & Gas Company WP Nelson & Company
Oil & Gas Futures liquidated
Oil & Gas Properties NAFCO
Oil & Gas Properties Company Chevron
Oil Development Co. of Texas Santa Fe Energy
Oil Development Co. of Utah Santa Fe Energy
Oil Drilling Inc. Christie, Mitchell & Mitchell 1953
Oil Drilling Inc. Mitchell & Mitchell Gas & Oil Corporation 1962
Oil Drilling, Inc. Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. 1946
Oil Exploration (Holdings) Ltd Lasmo 1979 merger
Oil Investors Inc. MCO Resources, Inc.
Oil Resources Incorporated, NV Corp Capital Energy Corporation 10/14/1977 acquisition
Oil State Petroleum Co. Eason Oil Co. 1922
OJ Oil & Gas Inc. Hadro Resources, Inc. 2001
OK Tire & Rubber Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1966
Oklahoma Acquisition Corp. Tutamian Production Corporation
Oklahoma Acquisition Inc. Tutamian Production Corporation
Oklahoma Basic Economy Corp. Pontotoc Production Inc. acquisition of all operated producing properties
Oklahoma Fracturing Services Dresser-Titan Inc. 1976
Oklahoma Hydrocarbons Geodyne Resources
Oklahoma Industrial Energies Inc. Oneok Exploration Co. 1980
Oklahoma Oil Company Tidal Oil Company Name Change
Old Ben Coal Sohio Petroleum Company
Old Ocean Oil Co. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1954
Olds Petroleum Corporation Ladd Petroleum Corporation
Oleum, Inc. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
Olin Oil & Gas Exxon Corp. 1962
Olix Industries, Inc. Adobe Oil and Gas Corp.
Olsen Jal Oil Company
Olsen & Jal Texas Pacific Oil Company
Olsen, Fred Inc. Volvo Petroleum
Olympia Energy Corp. Magic Circle Energy Corp.
Omega Hydrocarbons Ltd Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation
ONG Exploration Inc. Oneok Exploration Co. 1980
Onshore Exploration Lamson/Onshore Petroleum Corp.
Onshore Oil Corporation Lamson Onshore Oil Corporation
Onyx Petroleum Lasmo 1987 merger
Ora Oil Company Smith & Company
Orbit Oil & Gas Ltd Sunoma Energy Corp
Oryx Energy Company Kerr-McGee Corporation 1999
Osprey Energy Ltd Pinnacle Resources Ltd
Owl Petroleum Company E&P Owl Petroleum Company (sub)
Oxford Exploration Oxford Consolidated Inc.
Oxoco Exploration Corp. American National Petroleum Co.
Oxoco Inc. American National Petroleum Co.
Oxoco Oil & Gas Inc. American National Petroleum Co.
Oxoco Production Corp. American National Petroleum Co.
Oxoco-Texas Inc. American National Petroleum Co.
Oxtex, Inc. American National Petroleum Co.
Oxy USA Inc. Occidental Oil and Gas (sub)
P Moss Union Oil Company
P&O Falco, Inc. Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
P&O Oil Corp. Southland Royalty Co. 1980
Pacalta Resources Ltd Cascade Oil and Gas Ltd.
Pacer Development Pacer Petroleum Inc.
Pacific Coast Oil Company Standard Oil Trust 1900 Merger
Pacific Coast Railroad Burlington Northern Inc.
Pacific Enterprises ABC Corporation
Pacific Enterprises Oil Co. Pacific Power and Light Co. (sub)
Pacific Enterprises Oil Co. (USA) Hunt Oil Company 4/1/1992 70% of assets
Pacific Enterprises Oil Co. (USA) Marathon Oil Company ca 1992 30% of assets
Pacific Enterprises Royalty Company Pacific Enterprises Oil Co. (U.S.A.) 1990 Merger
Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) Duke Energy Power Services 1998 Partial Acquisition
Pacific Gas & Electric Supply Company NGC Energy Company
Pacific Oil & Gas Jernigan Oil Corp. 1980
Pacific Oil & Gas Development Corp. Callon Petroleum Co.
Pacific Petroleum Petro-Canada
Pacific Transmission Supply Company Pacific Gas & Electric Supply Company
Pacific Union Texas American Oil Corp.
Pacific Western Oil Corp. Getty Oil Co. 1956
Pacific Western Oil Corporation Getty Oil Company 1958
Palm Petroleum Corp. Damson Oil Corp. 1969
Palmer Oil Tenneco Inc.
Paloma Petroleum Ltd Sunoma Energy Corp
Pampona Energy Ltd Colony Energy Ltd
Pan American Gas Co. Amoco Production Co.
Pan American International Oil Corp. Amoco Production Co.
Pan American Petroleum & Transport Co. Amoco Production Co.
Pan American Petroleum (aka Pan Am) Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1958
Pan American Petroleum Corp. Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. 1957
Pan American Production Co. Amoco Production Co. 1957
Pan American Southern Corp. Amoco Production Co. 1956
Pan Eastern Exploration Company APX Corporation Name change
Pan Ocean Oil Corp. Marathon Petroleum Co. 1976
Pan Oil Co. Damson Oil Corp. 1972
Pan Petroleum Co. Inc. Amoco Production Co.
Pancana Industries, Inc. Pancana Minerals, Inc.
PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd Kinetic Resources (sub of PanCanadian Petroleum Lt 1992
PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd Langevin Resources (sub of PanCanadian Petroleum L 1991
PanEnergy Duke Power 1997 Merger
PanEnergy Corporation Duke Energy Corporation 1997 Merger
Panhandle Eastern PanEnergy Corporation 1996 Name Change
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line CMS Energy 1998 Acquisition
Panhandle Oil Corp. American Petrofina, Inc. 1956
Panhandle-Illinois Pipe Line Company Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company 1938
Pano Tech Exploration Corp. Gulf Energy Producing Co. 1983
Pantano Western
Paraffine Oil Corp. Williams Bros. Exploration 1978
Paragon Petroleum Corp. Cypher Energy Corporation
Paragon Petroleum Corporation Northrock Resources Ltd
Paragon Petroleum Ltd. Paragon Petroleum Corp.
Paragon Petroleum, Inc. South Hampton Mineral Corp.
Paragon Petroleum, Inc. Cypher Energy Corporation
Paragon Resources Inc. Templeton Energy Inc. 1981
Park Oil Martin Exploration Management Co.
Parker & Parsley Petroleum Pioneer Natural Gas Resources Co. 1997 Merger
Parker Oil & Gas company Ladd Petroleum Corp.
Parker Petroleum Corp. Western Oil Fields, Inc.
Parsley Petroleum, Inc. Hondo Oil & Gas Co.
Pasco Oil Properties Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1975
Pasco, Inc. Little America Refining Co.
Pasotex Petroleum California Company
Pate Oil Co. Exxon Corp. 1956
Pathfinder Petroleum Corp. Energy Investments
Patrick Petroleum Company Ladd Petroleum Corp. 1984
Pax Petroleum Inc. Petrodynamics, Inc.
Peachtree Production Co. Houston Oil Fields
Peake Operating Co. Presidio Oil (sub)
Peake Petroleum Co. Coastal States 1964
Pease Oil & Gas Company Carpatsky Petroleum 1999 Merger
Pecos Exploration Co. Alco Oil & Gas Corp.
Peerless Oil & Gas Co. Fluor Oil & Gas Corp.
Peerless Oil Producing Company Peerless Oil & Gas Co.
Peltex McMoran Oil & Gas Company
Pelto Oil Company Southdown, Inc.
Pembina Exploration Co Ltd Talisman Energy Inc.
Pend Oreille Oil & Gas Co. Gulf Resources & Chemical Co.
Pennaco Energy Inc. USX - Marathon Group 2001 this acquisition was announced Dec 2000
Pennsylvania Enterprises, Inc. Southern Union Company 1999 Merger
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Co. 1968
Penntex Petroleum & Land Co. Getty Oil Co.
PennzEnergy Co. Devon Energy Corp. 1999
PennzEnergy Exploration and Production Company LLC Devon Energy Production Company, LP 12/30/1999 merger
Pennzoil Canada, Inc. Gulf Canada Resources Ltd 1996 acquisition
Pennzoil Exploration & Production Co. Pennzoil Company
Pennzoil Exploration and Production Company PennzEnergy Exploration and Production, LLC 12/28/1998 merger
Pennzoil Exploration Australia Amity Oil NL 2000
Pennzoil Louisiana & Texas Offshore Pennzoil
Pennzoil Petroleum Company Chevron PBC, Inc. 1993 Amend of Cert of Inc.
Pennzoil Products Company Pennzoil-Quaker State Company 1998 Merger
Pennzoil United Pennzoil Company
Penrose Production Company Sohio Petroleum Company
Penrose, NG Inc. Sohio Petroleum Company
Peoples Natural Gas Company Sun Oil Line Company
Peoples Oil Limited Sterling Resources Ltd
Peppers Refining Company Champlin Refining Company
Perfection Inspection Company Dyco Petroleum Corporation
Permian Corporation Scurlock Permian Corp. 1991 Merger
Permian Oil Permian Corporation
Perry Energy Corp. Parker Energy Resources Inc.
Peter F Redfern & Sons Flag Oil Corp.
Petro Exploration & Operating Corp. Petroleum Exploration & Development Funds Inc. 1976
Petro Lewis Corp. Southland Royalty Co. 1984
Petro-Atlas American Petrofina Inc. 1958
Petrocarbons, Inc. Columbia Petroleum Corporation
PetroCorp Incorporated Kaiser-Francis Oil Company 1999 Mgmt Agreement
Petrodynamics, Inc. Citrus County Land Bureau, Inc.
Petrodyne Industries Inc. Petrodynamics Inc.
Petrofina Canada Petro-Canada
Petroglyph Energy Inc. III Exploration Company, sub of Intermountain Indu 12/31/2000 merger
Petroleum Corp of Texas Breck Operating Corporation
Petroleum Corp. of Texas Damson Oil Corp. 1983
Petroleum Corporation of Texas Breckenridge Operating Co. 1984
Petroleum Corporation of TX Petco, Inc.
Petroleum Exploration, Inc. Mesa Petroleum Co. 1964
Petroleum International Associates, Inc. Hydro Carbon Trading-Transport
Petroleum Investments, Ltd. Bradmar Petroleum Corporation
Petroleum of Canada Ltd Anderson Exploration Ltd
Petroleum Reserve Corp. Castle Energy Corp.
Petroleum Trading and Transport Co. of Tulsa Phil G Ruffin
Petroleums Ltd Eurogas Corporation
Petrolith Inc. Unibar Energy Services Inc.
Petromark Merger Company Petromark Resources Company
Petrostar Petroleums Inc. Crestar Energy Inc.
Petroventures Resources Ltd Questar Exploration Inc.
PETX Petroleum Corp. Anchor Bay Corp.
Pexamin Pacific, Inc. Independent Exploration Company
Peyto Explorations Inc. Westburne Exploration Inc.
PG&E Gas Supply Company NGC Energy Company
PG&E Resources Dalen Resources Oil & Gas Company (sub of Enserch partial
PG&E Resources Enserch Exploration Inc. partial
Phillips Oil Company Phillips Petroleum Company
Phillips Petroleum Co. Duke Energy Field Services 1999 Partial Merger of nat gas units
Phillips Petroleum Co. Union Texas Petroleum
Phoenix Resource Companies Apache Oil Corporation 1996 Merger
Phoenix Resources Co. Texas International Petroleum Corp. 1982
Piedmont Petroleum Southwestern Production Corp.
Pilgrim Exploration American Energy Exploration Co.
Pioneer Corp. Westar Transmission Co. 1982
Pioneer Natural Resources Prize Energy 1999 Partial acq of 400 domestic onshore props
Pioneer Nuclear Inc. Amarillo National Bank 1980
Pioneer Production Corp. Mesa Petroleum Company
Placer Energy Corp. Eagle Oil & Gas Co.
Plains Exploration Co. Cardinal Petroleum Co. 1971
Planet Oil & Mineral Corp. Sabine Corporation 1975
Plano Petroleum Corp. Trousil and Associates Inc.
Platco Corp. Nordon Corp. Ltd. 1967
Plato Pennzoil
Plaza Petroleum, Inc. Brock Exploration Corp. 1973
Plotner Oil and Gas Company Silverridge Corp.
Plymouth Oil Co. Marathon Petroleum Co. 1962
Poco Petroleums Ltd Burlington Resources 1999 Acq
Pointer Exploration Corp Panatlas Energy Inc.
Polaris Petroleums Ltd Cabre Exploration Ltd
Polumbus Co. Grace Petroleum Corp. 1978
Polumbus Corporation WR Grace 10/25/76
Polysar Energy Nova Corp.
Ponka Producing Co. Northland Resources Co. 1971
Pool Energy Services Co. Nabors Industries Inc. 1999 Merger
Poppy Oil Co. Conoco, Inc. 1954
Portland General Corporation Enron Corp. 1997 merger
Portland General Electric (sub of Enron) Sierra Pacific Resources 1999 Acq
Ports of Call Oil Company Champion Reserve Corporation
Potter, Julian Estate Woodbine Production Corp. 1969
PPC Anadarko Inc. Harken Exploration Company
PPC Oil & Gas Corp. Paragon Petroleum Corp.
PPM Investments (USA) Inc. India Temple Minerals Co.
Prado Oil Co. Sohio 1965
Prairie Dog Resources Ltd Dog Resources Ltd.
Prairie Oil & Gas Co. Atlantic Richfield Co. 1932
Prairie Oil and Gas Companies Sinclair Oil 1932 Merger
Prairie Oil Company Prairie Sinclair Oil Company
Prairie Oil Royalties Company Union Pacific Resources Inc.
Prairie Pipeline Sinclair Oil 1931 Merger
Prairie Producing Company Placer Development Ltd. (sub)
Precambrian Shield Resources Ltd Enerplus Energy Corporation
Precise Exploration Corp. Brock Exploration Corp. 1973
Premier Resources Ltd. Oxford Consolidated Inc.
Presidio Energy Inc. Presidio Exploration Inc. 1991 Merger
Presidio Exploration Inc. Presidio Oil Company (sub)
Presidio Operating Co. Capitan Inc.
Presidio Operating Co. EE Nearburg
Preston Oil Columbia Gas Development
Preston, Reynolds & Co. WBI Holdings/MDU Resources Group 2000
Pride Petroleum Services Dawson Production Services, Inc. 1996 partial - US land-based well service ops
Prime Energy Inc. Devran Petroleum Ltd
PrimeEnergy Management Corp. PremeEnergy Corporation (sub)
Prochemco Oil & Gas Co. Inc. Hanover Management partial
Prochemco Oil & Gas Co. Inc. Petro-Search Exploration Co. partial
Producers Gas Co. Union Texas Petroleum
Producers Royalty Corp Texas American Oil Corp.
Producing Co. Mobil Oil Co. 1983
Producing Properties, Inc. Reserve Oil & Gas Company 1963
Progress Rycade
Prospect Company Travellers Insurance Company (sub)
Providence Energy Corporation Southern Union Company 1999 Merger
Prudential Funds Inc. Prudential Group Inc.
Prudential Minerals Exploration Corp. Grace Petroleum Corp.
Pubco Petroleum Corp. Mesa Petroleum Co. 1973
Pubco Production Co. Mesa Petroleum Co.
Public Service Company of OK PSO
Publishers Petroleum Southland Royalty Co. 1979
Pure Oil Company Union Oil Company of California 1965 Merger
Pyro Energy Corp. Exex Resources
Quadron Resources Ltd Pinnacle Resources Ltd
Quaker State Corporation Pennzoil-Quaker State Company 1998 Merger
Quanah Petroleum Inc. Marline Petroleum Corporation
Que West Resource Inc. Ottawa Energy Inc.
Quebec Affiliates (North America) Ltd. Razor Oil Company
Quinoco Consolidated Partners LP Hallwood Oil and Gas, Inc. 1990 PA
Quinoco Energy Inc. Saxon Oil Development Partners partial
Quinoco Energy, Inc. EM Nominee Partnership 1985 Amend PA
Quinoco Oil Corp. Saxon Oil Development Partners partial
Quinoco Resources Inc. Saxon Oil Development Partners
R Hailey Phillips Petroleum Co.
Rainbow Resources, Inc. Williams Bros. Exploration 1978
Ralph Lowe Marilowe
Ram Petroleum Inc. Ramoco Inc.
Ranch Oil Company Ranch Royalty Company
Ranger Frazier
Ranger Oil Ampolex
Ranger Oil Co. Kissinger Petroleum Corp. 1981
Rankin Oil Company Hydrogen Energy Corporation
Ratliff Exploration Company TXO Production Corp.
Ray Resources Corporation Flying Diamond Oil Corp.
RDC Inc. Miramar Resources Inc. (sub)
Reading & Bates Corporation R&B Falcon Corporation 1997 Merger
Reading & Bates Oil & Gas Reading & Bates Petroleum Co. 1978
Reading & Bates Production Company Ramco, Inc.
Real Petroleum Energy Reserves Group
Red Diamond Oil Co. Tenneco Inc.
Red River Energy LLC Beta Oil & Gas Inc. 9/1/2000 merger
Redco Corporation Arapaho Petroleum Inc.
Redfern Development Corp. Flag Oil Corp.
Redfern Oil Company Flag Oil Corp.
Redrock Inc. Cleary Petroleum Corp. 1976
Redstone Gas Partners WBI Holdings/MDU Resources Group 2000
Regal Oil Aminoil USA Inc. 1954
Regency Exploration Inc. Oxford Consolidated Inc.
Reichhold Energy Atlantic Richfield Company
Reily Oil Martin Exploration Management Company
Renaissance Energy Ltd. Conoco 2000 Partial Acq - Canadian nat gas assets
Renaissance Energy Ltd. Husky Energy (Canada) 2000 Merger w/Husky Oil
Reno Natural Gas Tenneco Inc. 1953
Reno Oil Company Tenneco Inc. 1953
Renwar Oil Corp. Tenneco Inc. 1960
Repello Oil Company Sinclair Oil and Gas Company
Republic Natural Gas Co. Mobil Corp. 1961
Republic Petroleum Corp. Phillips Petroleum Co. 1949
Reserve Oil & Gas Company Getty Oil Company 1980 Merger
Reserve Oil and Gas Company Reserve Oil, Inc. 1977
Reserve Oil, Inc. Getty Reserve Oil, Inc. 1980 Merger
Reserve Oil, Inc. (Delaware) Basin Petroleum Corp. 1976
Resource Exploration Inc. Resource America Inc.
Resource Partners Mission Resource Partners LP
Reynolds Mining Corp. Reynolds Metal Co. 1978
Rial Oil Co. Sage Eenrgy Co. 1980
Richardson & Bass Bass Enterprises
Richardson Oils Inc. Bass Enterprises Production Co. 1971
Richardson Petroleum Tenneco Inc.
Richfield Oil Company Atlantic Richfield Company 1966
Richfield Oil Company of CA Richfield Oil Company
Rigel Energy Corp. Talisman Energy Inc. Sept 1999 acquistion
Rio Grande Oil Co. Sinclair Oil 1931 Merger
River States Oil Co. Murphy Oil Corp. 1960
RJ Brown Company Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1956 Acquisition
RL Burns Pyro Energy Corp.
Roadrunner Energy, Inc. Brustan Petroleum Corp.
Rock Hill Oil Co. Getty Oil Co. 1955
Rock Hill Oil Company Eugene W. Gill 1956
Rock Island Oil & Refining Co., Inc. Koch Industries, Inc.
Rockhill Diversa
Rockwell Drilling Company RDC, Inc.
Roden Oil Company Houston Natural Gas Corp 1969 acquisition
Rodman Corp. Petro-Lewis Corp. 1977
Rodman Petroleum Corp. Thornton Petroleum Corp. 1968
Rodman-Noel Oil Co. Rodman Petroleum Corporation 1968
Root Petroleum Corp. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1947
Rosser & Pendleton MR Young
Rowan Oil & Drilling Company Texas Pacific Oil Company
Roxana Oil Company Shell Oil Company
Roxana Petroleum Corp. Shell Oil Company 1922
Roxoil Drilling Inc. Oil Drilling Inc. 1946
Roxoil Drilling, Inc. Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. 1946
Royal Dutch Petroleum Shell Oil Company 1907 Merger
Royal Petroleum Corp. Kerr-McGee Corp. 1974
Royal Producing Company DEKALB Energy Company
Royalite British American Oil Company 1969 merger
Royalite Gulf Oil Canada Limited Jan 1969 amalgamation
Royalties Management Company Houston Royalty Company
Rutherford-Moran Oil Chevron 1998 Merger
RVO Petroleum Co. Getty Reserve Oil, Inc. 1981 Merger
Ryder Scott Oil Co. Ryder Scott Management Co. 1978
Sabine Corporation Pacific Enterprises Royalty Company
Sabine Exploration Corp. Barber Oil Exploration Corp.
Sabine Production Co. Sabine Corporation
Sabine Royalty Corp. Sabine Corporation 1977
Salt Dome Production Texas Oil & Gas (TXO) 1956
Saltmount Oil Co. Midwest Oil
Salton Riviere Inc. Holly Energy Inc. 1976
Sam Wilson Tenneco Inc.
Samedan Oil Corporation Noble Affiliates (sub)
Samson Resources Co. Southland Royalty Co. 1983
San Jacinto Exxon Corp.
San Juan Oil Co. Phillips Petroleum Co. 1952
Sandefer Oil & Gas, Inc. Sandefer Oil Company
Santa Fe Andover Oil Company Santa Fe Minerals Inc.
Santa Fe Energy
Santa Fe Energy Company Santa Fe Natural Resources Inc. 1990 Merger
Santa Fe Energy Company Santa Fe Operating Partners, LP 12/29/89 assignment of certain assets
Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc. Santa Fe Snyder Corporation 5/5/99 merger
Santa Fe International Corporation Santa Fe International Company
Santa Fe Minerals Co. US Santa Fe Minerals Inc. 1978
santa fe minerals inc
Santa Fe Natural Resources Inc. Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc. 1/11/90 merger
Santa Fe Operating Partners, LP Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc. 12/3/94 name change
Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline Partners, L.P. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. 1998
Santa Fe Snyder Corporation Devon Energy SFS Operating, Inc. 8/29/2000 merger
Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. Santa Fe Pacific Corp.
Santiago John P. McNaughton
Sarkeys Sabine Production Company
Saxon Oil Company Hallwood Energy Corporation
Saxon Oil Development Partners Hallwood Energy Partners LP
Saxon Petroleum Inc. Forest Oil Company 1998 Acq
Sceptre Corp. Lincoln Rock Corp.
Schermerhorn Union Texas Petroleum
Schraeder Oil Company Phillips Petroleum Company
Schroeder Oil and Gas Corp. High Plains Oil Corporation
Scurlock Oil Co. Union Texas Petroleum
Scurlock Oil Company Ashland Oil, Inc. (sub) 1991 Merger
Sea Truck Holding AS GulfMark Offshore Inc. 2001
Seaboard Oil Co. Texaco, Inc. 1958
Seabrook Corporation Key Production Co. 10/1/1993
Seadade Industries Inc. National Bulk Carriers Inc. 1972
Seagull Energy Ocean Energy 1999 Merger
Seahawk Oil International Seahawk Capital Corporation
Seal Petroleum Corporation Comex Marine Service
Search Drilling Providence Oil & Gas Corp.
Seaside Oil Co. Phillips Petroleum Co.
Seaward Petroleum Ltd. Seaward Resources Inc. 1982
Seneca Oil Company Kaiser-Francis Oil Company 6/30/1989 merger
Service Pipeline Co. Amoco Production Co.
SEW Oil Corp. American Petrofina, Inc.
Shaffer Oil & Refining Company Deep Rock Oil Corp.
Shalett Oil Co. Marine Properties, Inc. 1961
Shamrock Oil & Gas Co. Diamond Alkali (Diamond Shamrock) 1967
Shamrock Pipeline Corp. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
Sharon Steele Corp. Tenneco Oil Co.
Shawnee Oil and Gas Devon Energy Corporaiton
Shawnigan Chemicals Limited Gulf Oil Canada Limited Jan 1969 amalgamation
Shell Oil Co. Shell Western E&P Inc. 1983
Shell Oil Company Inc. Royal Dutch (sub)
Shell Petroleum Company Inc. Shell Oil Company Inc.
Shell Pipeline Corp. Union Texas Petroleum
Shell Western E&P Inc. Shell Oil Company (sub)
Shenandoah Oil Southland Royalty Co. 1979
Shenandoah Oil Corp. Galaxy Oil Co. 1980
Shield Oil Co. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana)
Shoreline Diversa
Shoreline Petroleum Corporation Producing Properties, Inc. 1963
Sid Richardson Carbon Co. Sid Richardson Carbon & Gasoline Co. 1958
Siebens Oil & Gas Dome Petroleum Corp.
SIGCORP Vectren 1999 Merger
Sigmor Diamond Shamrock Corp. 1983
Signal Company Signal Oil and Gas Company
Signal Oil & Gas Burmah Oil and Gas Company
Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corp. Sinclair Oil Corporation
Sinclair Crude Oil Purchasing Co. Amoco Production Co. 1931
Sinclair Gulf Corp. Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corp.
Sinclair Oil & Gas Company Sinclair Oil Corporation 1968 Merger
Sinclair Oil & Refining Sinclair Oil Corporation 1968 Merger
Sinclair Oil Corporation Atlantic Richfield Company 1969
Sinclair Petrochemicals Sinclair Oil Corporation 1968 Merger
Sinclair Prairie Oil Co Sinclair Oil & Gas Co. 1968 Name Change
Sinclair Research Sinclair Oil Corporation 1968 Merger
Sinclair Wyoming Oil Co. Sinclair Oil Corporation
Sioux Oil Co. Tesoro Petroleum Corp. 1968
Sipco, Inc. (Sunset International Pet.) Chevron USA
skelly oil
skelly oil company
Skelly Oil Company Getty Oil Company 1977 Merger
Skyline Oil Co. Texas Eastern Corp.
Skyline Petroleum Co. Lochbuie Inc. 1978
SKZ Inc. Zilkha Energy Company
Slapco (So. Louisiana Production) Celeron Corp.
Slick Oil Co. Tenneco Inc.
Smith & McGrath Bengal Oil & Gas
Smith & McGrath Fluor Oil & Gas Corp.
Smith Development Corporation Petrodynamics Inc.
Smith, HR Western
Snyder Oil Corporation Santa Fe Snyder Corporation 5/5/99 merger
Snyder Operating Partnership LP Snyder Oil Corporation
Socal Chevron (Standard Oil Co. of Calif.)
Socony Mobil Oil Corporation
Socony-Mobil Oil Company Mobil Oil Corporation 1966
Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. Mobil Oil Corporation 1955
Socorro Partnership (subsidiary of Alta Energy Cor Devon Energy Operating Corporation 5/18/94 merger
Solar Refining Co. Standard Oil Co. of Ohio 1931
Solarex Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1983
Sonat Exploration Kerr-McGee Corporation 4/1/91 Assigned certain assets
Sonat Exploration El Paso Energy 1999 Merger
Sonat Minerals Inc. Sonat Inc.
Sotex Chevron
Sourgasco Inc. Conquest Exploration
South California Petroleum Company Scope, Inc.
South Louisiana Production Co. Celeron Corp.
South Penn Oil Co. Pennzoil
South States Oil & Gas Co. American Exploration Co. 1983
South Texas Development Company Sabine Royalty Corporation
Southern Community Venus Oil Co.
Southern Crude Oil Purchasing Company Stanolind Oil and Gas Company
Southern Energy Resources Crown Zellerbach Corp.
Southern Mineral Corp. PetroCorp Inc. 2001
Southern Mineral Gas Sonat Inc.
Southern Minerals Sun Co. Inc.
Southern Petroleum Company Sabine Production Company
Southern Petroleum Exploration Wiser Oil Company
Southern Pipeline Co. Amoco Production Co.
Southern Power Company Duke Power Company Merger
Southern Producing Company Sinclair Oil Corporation
Southern Production Atlantic Richfield Co.
Southern Production & Refining Co. Sonat, Inc.
Southern States Asphalt Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1964
Southern Union Production Co. Supron Energy Corporation 1982
Southland Drilling Corp. Southland Drilling & Production Co. 1974
Southland Royalty Company Burlington Northern Inc. (sub)
Southland Royalty Company Meridian Oil Inc. 1/2/1996 merger
Southmark Corp. (MGF properties) Kaiser-Francis Oil Company
Southtec Oil & Gas Co. Aztec Oil & Gas Co. 1976
Southwest Gas Sonat, Inc.
Southwest Gas Producing Company Inc. Devon Corporation
Southwest Natural Production Company Arkla Exploration Company
Southwestern Oil & Refining Co. Kerr-McGee Corp. 1974
Southwestern Refining Company Kerr-McGee
Southwood Oil Company Munance Corp.
Sovereign Exploration Co. Bonanza Petroleum, Inc.
Sparkman Production Company Arch Petroleum Corp.
Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation Harken Oi & Gas Inc.
Spectrum Oil & Gas Button Oil & Gas (sub)
Spectrum Oil and Gas Company MCO Resources Spectrum Corp.
Spirit Energy 76 (sub of Unocal) Quicksilver Resources 1999 Acq of MI assets
Spring Oil Company Cross Timbers Oil Company 1999
Spur Oil Co. Murphy Oil Corp. 1960
SRW Inc. Secom General Corp.
St. Joe Minerals Primary Fuels partial
St. Joe Minerals Corporation Fluor Engineers and Constructors 1980 partial
St. Louis-San Francisco RR Burlington Northern Inc.
Stampeder Exploration Ltd Gulf Canada Resources Limited 1997 acquisition
Standard Oil British Petroleum Company 1987
Standard Oil Co. of California Socal (Chevron Corporation) 1984 Name Change
Standard Oil Co. of Indiana Amoco 1985 Name change
Standard Oil Co. of Indiana American Oil Company (Amoco) 1960
Standard Oil Co. of Kansas Amoco (Standard Oil Co. of Indiana) 1948
Standard Oil Co. of Kentucky Chevron (Standard Oil Co. of Calif.) 1961
Standard Oil Co. of Nebraska Amoco (Standard Oil Co. of Indiana) 1939
Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey Exxon Corp. 1972
Standard Oil Co. of New York Mobil Corp. 1911
Standard Oil Co. of Ohio Sohio Petroleum Company 1911
Standard Oil Co. of Texas Chevron (Standard Oil Co. of Calif.) 1961
Standard Oil Production Company BP Exploration Inc.
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of Ohio 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of Nebraska 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of Kentucky 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of Kansas 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Atlantic Oil Company 1911 Dissolved
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company (NJ) 1890 1st Reorganization
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of California 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of Indiana 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of New York 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Oil Trust Standard Oil Company of New Jersey 1911 Split to 34 companies
Standard Pumps Inc. of Bartlesville Trico Industries Inc. of Los Angeles
Stanolind Crude Oil Pan American (Amoco) 1931
Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. Pan American Petroleum Corp. 1961
Star Oil & Gas Corp. Two Four Six Exploration Inc. 1982
State Exploration Statex Petroleum Inc.
Statoil Kerr McGee 2000 acquisition of deep-water of Gulf of Mexico properties
Statoil Energy Equitable Resources, Inc. 2000 Partial Acq
Stellar Oil Co. Yorba Oil Co.
Stellarton Energy Corporation Tom Brown, Inc. 2001 acquisition
Stelor Resources Ltd. Murwell Resources Ltd.
Stephens Petroleum FE Harper
Sterling Drill & Prod. Co., Inc. PrimeEnergy Management Corp
Sterling Oil Co. Tenneco Inc. 1950
Stetco Pennzoil
Stonehenge Oil Company Charles Taubman 12/1/72 dissolved into sole shareholder
Stonehenge Petroleum Corp. Inland Fuels Corporation
Strata Energy Inc. Natural Resources Management Corp. 1983
Street, Gordon North American Royalties
Stroud, HP & WC Amoco Production Co. E TX props
Subsurface Cannan
Sugar Creek Oil & Gas Inc. Ventura Energy Inc.
Sun Calvert Company Sun Oil Company
Sun Company Inc. Sun Exploration & Production Company
Sun Exploration & Production Company Oryx Energy Company
Sun Oil Company Sun Company
Sun Oil Company of Ohio Sun Company
Sun Oil Line Company Sun Oil Company of Ohio
Sun Production Sun Company
Sunac Petroleum Corp. Sunset International Petroleum Corp.
Sunbelt Energy Inc. Interamerican Corp.
Sundance Canada Soquip
Sunmark Sun Co. Inc.
Sunnybrook Oil & Gas Inc. Houston Oil Fields
Sunoco Sun Company Inc.
Sunray Sun Co. Inc.
Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Sunray DX Oil Company
Sunray Oil Corporation Sunray DX Oil Company
Sunray-DX Sun Co. Inc.
Sunrise Exploration Sun Exploration 1983
Sunrise Exploration Inc. Anderman Smith Operating Co.
Sunset International Petroleum Corp. SIPCO, Inc.
Sunwing Energy Ltd. Ivanhoe Energy Inc. 1999 Merger
SuperAmerica Stations Inc. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1959
Superior Oil Company Mobil Oil Corporation 1985
Superior Oils Inc. Ashaland Oil & Refining 1953
Supnev, Inc. Superior Oil Company
Supron Energy Corp. Union Texas Petroleum Corp. 1982
Surrey Oil & Gas Corp. Texas Oil & Gas (TXO) 1960
Sutton, OA Gulf Oil Corp. 1962
SW Blount Bounty Production Co.
Sweet Corporation Oklahoma Acquisition Corp.
Swift Energy Company SWENCO-Western (sub)
Swiss Oil Company Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1936
Taeping Company Axem Resources Inc. (sub)
Taiga Resources Ltd. Coseka Resources USA Ltd 1982
Tal Vez Oil Co. Lingen Oil & Gas Inc. 1983
Talisman (U.S.) Inc. Fortuna (U.S.) Inc. 3/22/2000 name change
Tarragon Oil & Gas USX-Marathon Group 1998 Merger
Taylor Refining Tenneco Oil Company
Taylor, John A. Plains Resources
TBI Production Company Tom Brown Inc. 1999 Merger
Teal Petroleum Co. Grace Petroleum Corp. 1978
Teal Pipeline Company Arkla Exploration Company
Tectonic Energy Corp. Enertec Corp. 1984
Ted Weiner Texas Crude Inc.
Tee Operating Co. Chapman Resources
Tejas Exploration Group (Carter Co, OK) Coquina Oil Corp. 1974
Tejas Gas Corp. Burns, RL
Tejas Gas Corporation Tejas Energy, LLC 1998 Name Change
Tejas Natural Gas Liquids Enterprise Products Partners 1999 Acq
Tejas Power Corp. Harken Energy Corp. (sub)
Tejas Production Co. Wainoco Oil Corp. 1980
Tekerra Gas Inc Del Roca Energy Inc 10/31/98 merger
Tekoil Corp. Consolidated Oil & Gas
Tema Oil Co. Mesa Petroleum Co. 1984 partial
Tema Oil Co. Tenneco Oil Co. 1984 partial
Temex Energy, Inc. TGX Corporation
Tenneco Energy El Paso Energy Corp. 1996 Merger
Tenneco Oil Company Royal Dutch/Shell 1988 S America props
Tenneco Oil Company Mesa Limited Partnership 1988 Mid-Cont props
Tenneco Oil Company Chevron USA Inc. 1988 Offshore props
Tenneco Oil Company British Gas, PLC 1988 International props except S America
Tenneco Oil Company Amoco Production Company 1988 Rockies props
Tenneco Oil Company Atlantic Richfield Company 1988 CA props
Tenneco Oil Company American Petrofina 1988 Gulf Coast props
Tennessee Gas Transmission Company Tenneco Oil Company
Tensas Delta Company Wheless Drilling Company
Terra Resources Oxoco, Inc. 1981
Terra Resources Inc. Pacific Enterprises Oil Co. (USA) 4/24/89
Terra Resources, Inc. Pacific Enterprises Oil Company
Tesoro Damson Oil Corp. 1980
Tesoro Crude Union Texas petroleum
Tesoro Exploration & Production EEX Corporation 1999 Acq domestic production
Tesoro Petroleum Corporation Shell Oil Company
Tethys Energy, Inc. Northrock Resources Ltd 2001
Tex-Star Oil & Gas Texas Oil & Gas (TXO) 1964
TEX/CON Oil & Gas Company BP Exploration (sub)
Texaco Chevron Texaco 2000 merger
Texaco Canada Inc. Imperial Oil Ltd. 1989
Texaco Producing Inc. Texaco Exploration and Production Inc.
Texaco, Inc. Bargo Oil & Gas 2000 Partial – TX & Mid Con props
Texaco-Seaboard Inc. Texaco USA Inc.
Texam Oil Corp. John P. McNaughton
Texas American Oil Corporation Devon Energy Corporation 5/1/88 assigned certain assets
Texas British Oil & Gas Corp. Anvil Petroleum Corp.
Texas Coal and Lampblack Texas Fuel Company about 1901
Texas Company, The Texaco Inc. 1959
Texas Eastern Panhandle Eastern Corporation 1989 Acquisition
Texas Eastern Transmission Company Tetco
Texas Fuel Company Texas Company abt 1902
Texas Gas Company Texaco USA Inc.
Texas Gas Exploration Company CSX Oil & Gas Corporation
Texas Gas Producing Company Reserve Oil Inc.
Texas Gulf Elf-Aquitane Petroleum 1983
Texas Gulf Oil Company Texas Gulf Production Company
Texas Gulf Production Company Sinclair Oil Corporation 1963
Texas International Company Phoenix Resources Companies Inc.
Texas International Petroleum Company TIPCO, Inc.
Texas Land and mortgage Company Andover Oil Company
Texas National Petroleum Corp. Union Oil Co. of California 1962
Texas Northeast Oil & Gas Co. Moore McCormack Energy, Inc.
Texas Oil & Gas Corp. TXO Production corp.
Texas Pacific Oil Co. Sun Co. Inc. 1981
Texas Royalty Co. Imperial Oil Co. of California 1983
Texasgulf Inc. Elf-Aquitane Petroleum 1981
Texasgulf Sulphur Elf-Aquitane Petroleum 1973
Texcan Resources Corp. Southland Royalty Co. 1982
Texco Energy Corporation Egret Energy Corporation
Texoil Ocean Energy 2001
Texoma Trust Ltd Cornell Oil Company
Texota Oil Co. North American Resources Corp. 1968
The California Company California Oil Company 1/1/1961 merger and name change
Thoemis Energy Company Phoenix Energy Company
Thomas Drilling Company Mack Energy Company
Thomas Petroleum Transit Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1968
Thor Energy Inc. Hadro Resources, Inc. 2001
Three States Delhi-Taylor Oil Company
Threshold Development Co. Mogul Petroleum Corp. 1980
Tidal Oil Company Tide Water Oil Company 1932
Tide Water Associated Oil Company Tidewater Oil Company 1956
Tide Water Oil Company Tide Water Associated Oil Company 1936 Name Change
Tidewater Oil Company Getty Oil Company 1967 Merger
TIPCO, Inc. Texas International Company
Tipperary Corp. Union Texas Petroleum
Titan Exploration Inc. Unocal Corporation 2000 Merger
Titan Exploration Inc. Pure Resources 2000 merger
Titan Exploration, Inc Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation 1999 partial acq -Gulf coast props
Toklan Oil and Gas Corporation Cobb Oil and Gas Company
Toklan Oil Company Kirby Petroleum Corp.
Tolan Oil Corp. Kirby Production Co. 1957
Tonka Oil & Gas Ltd. Sabine Corporation 1974
Torch Operating Co. Torch Energy Services Inc. 2001 name change
Tosco Corp. Phillips Petroleum Company 2001
Total Petroleum (North America) Ltd. Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corporation 1997 acq
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Total Minatome Corporation Mid-Continent props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Shell Western E&P Inc. partial CA props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Phillips Petroleum Company Onshore Gulf Coast props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Phillips Petroleum Company partial CA props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Total Minatome Corporation Rockies props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Oil Acquisitions, Inc. partial offshore Gulf Coast
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Energy Development Corporation West Texas props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Coastal Greenbriar Joint Venture Onshore Gulf Coast props
Total Petroleum (North Americas) Conoco Michigan props
Towner Petroleum Corp. Zilkha Energy Company
TPC&C & Frankfort Texas Pacific Oil Company
Trafalgar House Oil and Gas Inc. Hardy Oil & Gas USA Inc.
Trahan, JC Drilling Nordon Corp Ltd 1968
Trans Canada Pipelines Encor Energy
Trans-Dominion Energy Corporation Madison Energy Corporation 1999 Merger
Trans-Texas Investments Inc. United Trans-Western Inc.
TransCanada Energy Marketing USA, Inc Coastal Corporation 1999 partial acq - LA properties
TransCanada Gas Processing USA Inc Coastal Corporation 1999 partial acq - LA properties
Transco Energy Company Williams Brothers 1995 Acq
Transcontinental Energy & Drilling TXP Operating
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company Transco
Transcontinental Oil Company Ohio Oil Company 1930
Transcontinental Production Co. Transco Exploration Co.
Transierra Exploration Corp. Belco Petroleum Corporation
Transitory Corp. GHK Company
Transocean Offshore Inc. Transocean Sedco Forex Inc. 1999 Merger
TransOcean Oil Co. Mobil Corp. 1980
Transwestern Exploration Inc. United Trans-Western Inc.
Transwestern Pipeline Co. Union Texas Petroleum
Transwestern Pipeline Company Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation 1967 Acquisition
Travellers Company Prospect Company
Traver Oil Co. Lavino Oil & Gas Co.
Trebol Oil Co. Rodman-Noel
Tresler Oil Co. Ashland Oil Inc. 1981
Trexco Resources, Inc. Balcron Oil Company 1/30/87 name change
Tri Link Resources, Ltd. Seneca Resources Corp. 2000
Tri-Service Drilling Company Midland Southwest Corporation
Tri-State Plastic Molding Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Co. 1968
Tri-State Refining Company Ashland Refining Company 1930
Tribal Oil Co. Buttes Oil & Gas Co. 1974
Tribune Oil Sabine Production Company
Trice Production Company Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
Trice Properties Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
Tricentrol Resource Inc. Wintershall Oil & Gas Corp.
TriGas Exploration Calpine Corporation Oct 2000
Trinidad Oil Texaco USA Inc.
Trinity Oil & Gas Questa Oil & Gas
Trinity Petroleum Basin
Triton Oil & Gas Corp. Worldwide Energy Corporation
Trunkline Gas Company CMS Energy 1998 Acquisition
Trunkline Gas Supply Company Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company 1950 Acquisition
TS, Inc. Home Petroleum Corp.
Tunstill, Orville E Southland Royalty Co. 1969
Turbo Resources Ltd Canadian Turbo Inc.
Turnan Oil Company Mid-States Oil Corporation
Twin Eagle Petroleum Corp. Petromark Resources Company
Twin Oil Atlantic Richfield Co.
Twin Oil Company Atlantic Richfield Company
Twin Richfield Oils Ltd Glencoe Resources Ltd.
TXL Oil Corp. Texaco Inc. 1962
TXO Production Corp. Marathon Oil Company
Uintah - Wyoming Oil & Gas Company Utah Resources International, Inc. 10/2/1972 merger
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corp. Valero Energy Corp. 2001
UMC Petroleum Resources Corporation UMC Petroleum Corporation
Unical Union Oil Co. of California
Unicon Producing Co. Supron Energy Corp.
Unicon Producing Company Meridian Oil Production Company
Uniol Energy Corporation Gallent Oil Company
Union Carbide Corp. Dow Chemical Co. 1999 Acq
Union Carbide Petroleum Corp. Ashland Oil Co. 1971
Union Gas & Oil Co. Swiss Oil Corp. 1925
Union of Louisiana Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
Union of Texas Petroleum Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
Union Oil Company Allied Chemical Corporation
Union Oil of California Union Oil Co. of California
Union Pacific Railroad Co. Champlin Petroleum Co.
Union Pacific Resources Company Anadarko Petroleum Corporation 2000
Union Pacific Resources Group Duke Energy Corporation 1999 Nat gas ops
Union Pacific Resources Group Inc. Anadarko Corp. 2000
Union Petroleum Corp. Home Petroleum Corp. 1973
Union Petroleum of Texas Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
Union Producing Co. Pennzoil 1970
Union S&O Union Texas Petroleum Corp.
Union Sulphur Western
Union Texas Natural Gas Corp Allied Chemical Corp. 1962 Cert of Consolidation
Union Texas Natural Gas Corp. Union Texas Petroleum Corp. 1962
Union Texas Petroleum Corp. Union Texas International Corp.
Union Texas Petroleum Holding Inc. ARCO Oil and Gas 1998
United Carbon Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1963 Acquisition
United Energy Resources Cotton Petroleum Corp. 1971
United Energy Resources Inc. Midcon
United Gas Pennzoil Company
United Meridian Corp. Ocean Energy 1997 Merger
United States Riley Corp. Ashland Oil Inc. 1981
Universal Consolidated Chevron USA Inc.
Universal Consolidated Oil Co. Gulf Oil Corp. 1961
Universal Resources Questar
Universal Resources Corporation Questar Exploration & Production, Inc. 9/1/1998 name change
Unocal Tom Brown, Inc. 1999 partial - acq of Rockies props
Unocal (Chemical Division) Ashland Chemical 1992 Partial Acquisition
US Natural Gas Corp. US Natural Resources Inc. 1968
US Oil Mecom Oil
US Smelting Production Co. UV Industries
US Steel Company USX 1981
US Steel Corp. Marathon Petroleum Company
USM Oil Company Olix Industries Inc.
Utah Industrial Inc. Utah Resources International Inc. 8/5/1969 name change
Utah International Inc. Ladd Petroleum Corp.
Utah Oil Company Amoco Production Company
UV Industries Tenneco 1979
Vacuum Oil Co. Mobil Corp. 1931
Valero Producing Valero Energy Corp.
Valley Resources, Inc Southern Union Company 2000 Merger
Van Dyke Oil Co. Van Dyke Energy Co.
Vantage Point Energy Inc. ConVest Energy Corp
Vastar Resources, Inc. BP Amoco 2000
Vaughn Petroleum, Inc. Vaughn Management, Inc.
Vaughn, Martin A Southland Royalty Co. 1979
Venezuela Syndicated Kirby Van Syn Petroleum Co. 1956
Vesta Energy Company Edisto Resources Corp.
Victory Oil & Gas Company PPM Investments (USA), Inc.
Viking Oil Ltd. Sun Company, Inc.
Viking Petroleum Inc. Viking Petroleum Reserves, Inc.
Villines-Gibson Oil and Gas Courtaulds North America Inc.
Visa Energy Corp. Ensource Inc.
Vista Energy Resources Inc. Prize Energy Corp 1999 Acq
VM Harrison Occidental Petroleum
VM Harrison Cities Service Co.
Voyager Energy Inc. Poco Petroleum Ltd.
Voyager Petroleum Nu-West Development
VP Oil Inc. National Energy Group Inc.
Wacker Oil Inc. Seagull Energy Corp.
Wahlenwier Oil Company Tenneco Oil Company
Wainoco Oil Corporation Numac Energy Inc. 1997 partial acq - Canadian assets
Wakefield, Earl Inc. Wakefield Oil Co. Inc.
Walker Energy Partners Texas Meridian Resources Ltd.
Warren Brothers Co. Ashland Oil & Refining Company 1966 Acquisition
Warren Energy Resources Limited Partnership Dynegy Energy Resources Limited Partnership 1998 name change
Warren Energy, Inc. Dynegy Energy, Inc. 1998 name change
Warren Petroleum Company SIPCO, Inc. (Sunset International Petroleum) 1984
Warren Petroleum Corp. Gulf Oil Corp. 1956
Warren-Bradshaw Sunset International Petroleum
Wascana Oil and Gas, Inc. Nexen Oil and Gas U.S.A. Inc. 10/1/2000 name change
Waterford Energy Inc. Kaiser-Francis Oil Company
Watson Geophysics, Inc. MCOR Oil Development, Inc.
Watson Oil Corp. MCOR Oil Development, Inc.
Watson Oil Petroleum Exploration MCOR Oil Development, Inc.
WE Carl Oil Co. Carl Oil & Gas
Weatherford Enterra, Inc. EVI Weatherford 1998 Merger
Webb Resources Inc. Sohio Petroleum Company 1985 Merger
Weeks Petroleum Corp. Ogle Production Corp. 1980
Weiner, Ted Texas Crude Inc.
Wellington Oil Co. Texaco Inc.
Wessely Energy Co. NGC Energy Co.
West Texas Gathering Co. Union Texas Petroleum
Westates Petroleum Co. Oil Development Co of TX 1977 all but CA props
Westates Petroleum Co. Santa Fe Industries Inc. 1977 CA props
Westbrook Oil Corp. Amoco Production Co.
Westcoast Oil & Gas Home Petroleum Corp. 1976
Westcoast Transmission Numac Energy
Western Atlas Baker Hughes 1998 Merger
Western Crude Oil, Inc. Reserve Oil and Gas Company 1973
Western Decalta Loram International
Western Development Co. of Delaware International Oil & Gas Corp. 1962
Western Energy Development Co. Oxford Consolidated, Inc.
Western Exploration Co. Conroy Inc.
Western Gulf Company Chevron
Western Natural El Paso Products Company
Western Natural Gas Atlantic Richfield Company
Western Oil & Fuel Co. Conoco 1968
Western Oil & Minerals Corp. Western Oil & Minerals Ltd.
Western Oil & Mining Inc. Cal-Merc Enterprises Inc.
Western Oil Fields Inc. Summit Energy Inc.
Western Resources Westar Energy 1999 Merger
Westhoma Oil Co. Southland Royalty Co. 1976
Westmin Resources Norcen Energy
Westrans Petroleum Inc. Petro-Lewis Corp. 1976
Westside Service Corp. DNC Exploration Corp. 1971
WH Heisler, Jr. Dorfman Production
Whaley Co. Gulf Oil Corp. 1962
Wheelock & Collins Amoco Production Co. E TX props
White Eagle International Helmerich & Payne
White Eagle International Oil Company White Eagle International Inc.
White Eagle Oil Company Helmerich & Payne Inc. 1959
White Shield Oil Company Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
White, Norville Trustee Drexel, Victor L. Trustee 1971
Whitestone Indonesia, Inc. Louisiana Land & Exploration Co. 1972
WICOR Inc. Wisconsin Energy 1999 Acq
Wilcox Longhorn Oil & Gas Co.
Wilcox Oil Corp. Tenneco Inc. 1984
Wildhorse Energy Partners LLC Tom Brown Inc. 2001 asset distribution-TBI got all but gas storage facility
Wildhorse Energy Partners LLC Kinder Morgan Inc. 2001 asset distribution of Wolf Creek gas storage facility only
Williams Brothers Williams Companies 1970s Name change
Williams Companies Williams 1997 Name change
Williams, LG Oil Co. Matrix Energy Inc. 1984
Willimax Shell Oil Company
Wilshire B-L Associates
Wilshire Oil Company of California Chevron
Wilson, Sam Tenneco Inc.
WilTel Williams Brothers (sub of) 1986
Windfohr Oil Company Burnett Oil Company
Windsor Petroleum Southwestern Production Corp.
Winkler Estate Rycade
Winter Oil Co. Amoco Production Co.
Wintershall Oil & Gas Co. American Petrofina, Inc. 1979
WL Hinds Phillips Petroleum Co.
Wold's Head Oil Refining Company Inc. Pennzoil United Inc. 1979
Wolfson Oil Company SIPCO, Inc. (Sunset International Petroleum)
Womad Oil Company Quebec Affiliates (North America), Ltd.
Wood River Oil & Refining Rock Island Oil & Refining Company, Inc.
Woodbine Petroleum Inc. Nycal Corp. (sub)
Woodley Petroleum Pure Oil Company 1959
Woods Petroleum Corp. Sonat Exploration Co.
Wooley Petroleum Union Oil Co. of California 1959
Worldwide Energy Corporation Triton Oil & Gas Corp.
WR Davis Co. Conoco, Inc.
Wrightsman, CJ WA Moncrief
Wymore Coastal States
Wyoming Coal Corp. Wyoming Oil & Minerals
Wyoming Montana & Indian Petroleum Western Petroleum
Yamac Production Co. Neumin Production Co.
Yamac Production Co. Neumin Production Co. 1978
Yankee Energy Northeast Utilities 1999 Acq
Yankee Production Company Alfonso Production Co.
Yates Exploration Co. Oxoco, Inc. 1981
Yellowstone Oil Co. Don Frantzen
YNB Oil & Gas Inc. Caravelle Petroleum Inc.
York & Harper Tenneco Inc. 1954
Young, MR Rosser & Pendelton
Yount-Lee Oil Co. Amoco (Standard Oil of Indiana) 1935
Zachry, HB Gasoline Production
Zaga Corp. Aveneg Inc.
Zapata & Statco Pennzoil
Zoller & Danneberg, Inc. Premier Resources Ltd
Zuma New-Mexico Oil Corporation Jackalope-New Mexico Oil Co.